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  1. I saw more error in the face. IDK. It just struck me as just being pretty bleh. Although technically, yes. The neck is long and the shoulders are thin with really steep trapezius muscles. Hate to be that person who hides behind "it's my style", but that kinda is the way I enjoy drawing the neck and shoulders, though...
  2. Alright, looks like I'm actually managing to get around that art block some. Over on Tumblr, the idea of a Pokemon-DS crossover is starting to get some traction. Since I was actually already thinking about such a crossover, decided I might as well jump on the bandwagon with a quick sketch before bed.
  3. I'm really disappointed with it, though... But thanks, guys. <:)
  4. Been suffering art block for a week or two now. Tried to make myself do something productive tonight, but I didn't get anything really good and art block-breaking.
  5. I'll ask again: Please have Albert somehow get Wilson to return the favor. :y
  6. Oh man, those Grue!Wes designs are legit creepy. I am very impressed. (And just a little spooked.) I'm also impressed with how well you draw in iScribble! I'm impressed with your art in general because it's awesome, don't get me wrong, but the fact that you can make awesome art in iScribble is extra impressive!
  7. Ayyyyyy look guys I drew a Woodlegs :v Also, currently giving serious consideration to the idea of shipping Wickerbottom with Woodlegs. I'll need to see more of what his personality is like before I really do anything, though. Currently wondering if the ship name would be Wickerlegs or Woodbottom. Probably would be Wickerlegs, since I imagine that Woodie/Wickerbottom already uses Woodbottom.
  8. Thanks…? I think…? :'D Currently working on a big and exciting thing and I've got couple of small sections I want to show.
  9. I'd love to see this. I'd play the **** out of it, and then do a big Let's Play and do all the Wesfrid things. <33333 My commentary would be nothing but incoherent d'awwing and squealing. This thing really screams Hunnie Pop to me, but that may just be because that's the only experience I have with dating sims. And by experience, I just mean watching other people play. :v
  10. Didn't really expect others to have as strong a reaction as I did. I don't even know why I reacted like I did. It just happens sometimes, I guess. Anyway. Does anyone have a character that they kinda-sorta wish didn't exist?
  11. you ever draw a character looking upset and you legitimately feel bad about it
  12. Yes, it's just kinda sitting on the back burner ATM. ^^; Anyway, time to start the stream! :D It's done, and it was a huge success! Thanks so much to everyone who watched! <3 Stream results:
  13. So assuming my internet doesn’t decide to lock me out again, I’m going to be doing that stream I promised last week. The results ended up as follows: #1 - 2 votes #2 - 3 votes #3 - 2 votes #4 - 2 votes #5 - 4 votes So #5 is what I’ll be working on. I’ll be streaming from my Twitch, and it should start between 2:30-3 CST. Should last for at least an hour, but there is no set end time. Hope to see you guys there!
  14. My Internet decided to lock me out so I couldn’t post this on time. Curse you, Internet. Happy late Valentine’s Day!
  15. But… But… My dirty mind wants moooooaaaaarrrrrr! :U Anyway, really glad to see you here! Can't wait to see Bigfrid take over the forums! Edit: Oh, and can I say that Wig's face in the catcoon one gives me life? It's just so wonderful. <3
  16. Yeah, I just Googled "random stock photos", and I found a Buzzfeed article called "60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos". It's got some really good ones.
  17. Well, I guess I was kinda close. XD So how do you go about finding good random photos? Google?
  18. OH! That makes a bit more sense! I mean, I know stock photos can be pretty weird but I was wondering under what circumstances a stock photo would be made with someone looking at a carrot that way. Just out of curiosity, was it this one?
  19. As I said on Tumblr. The carrot one murdered me. Someone help me, I can't stop looking at it because it's too damn funny.
  20. One time I made Wickerbottom kill a rabbit immediately after she described it using the word “widdle”. It was one of those mood whiplash moments that’s funny but also kinda makes you feel bad for finding it funny. :v
  21. This is definitely cool art, but I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to post other people's art, even with proper credit and good intentions. Have you pointed the forum out to her to see if she'd like to post it here herself?
  22. I did a normal pig, might as well do the Pig King too.