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  1. Has Game Theory actually done a Don't Starve-related episode? I don't think they have! *GASP* Looks like I just found the one thing I really want out of GT besides more FNAF. >:3 … Question is, what would the theory be about?
  2. Participated in the Don't Starve Secret Santa, and @acemurdock was my target. (Should be getting to the expression requests soon, BTW. )
  3. That's an awesome sheet, thanks for sharing it! And I can't believe I just read through this entire thread… Too bad I'm not funny enough to make dnak maymays.
  4. Doodled a quick (somewhat) DS-styled portrait of me and my cat before bed. Also decided that I'm going to see about doing some of this Expression Meme, so I'm open for requests regarding that! Just remember when requesting that I'm looking to use each expression only once, but each character can be requested for multiple expressions.
  5. Yeah, I guess all artists get that to some degree. Some of us just get it worse than others.
  6. Crappy by my standards for myself. I tend to never be truly satisfied with my stuff. :V (But thank you. <3)
  7. Finally got caught up with reading! Whew! Looking forward to seeing more.
  8. Oh, oops. :x Welp, thanks for letting me know for next time.
  9. I'm back! :'D Sorry for the unannounced hiatus to anyone who followed my previous thread. Life and a massive art block happened. Anyway. I would've just revived the old thread, but apparently it's been archived. So new thread it is!
  10. I've been into drawing animals more than people lately. :/
  11. Felt like doodling a volt goat, but was also too lazy to do his horns nicely. :V
  12. Well, it was an idea I had that I wanted to be on grues in general in my headcanon (so Charlie has them too). But you do have a point. Need to do some more design exploring. I'm on Spring Break now and am wanting to do some stuff, but I have so many unfinished things that I can't decide which one to work on. I'm going through my files to make a to-do list, when I found this doodle of a sleepy Wilson that still amuses me (I probably was projecting my own tiredness onto him at the time). Never going to do anything more with it, so here you go. :V
  13. "I will have no trouble taking on all those Moslings by myself!"
  14. Oh man, let my thread slip off the front page. :V Kinda working out some of my ideas regarding the changes that puppetmasters and grues go through while simultaneously making a height reference for Wilson and Willow in the forms most important to my plans. But this reminds me of a question I have: If a character is completely nude by design but there's nothing explicit to be seen (the character simply has no visible nipples or genitals), is that still breaking forum rules? Because that's how my current grue design is, although in this particular image her breasts and crotch are covered by her feathers anyway. I'd like to know the answer before I go posting any more drawings of my grues.
  15. Small announcement: In addition to the Emoji Challenge, I'm also taking up suggestions for the Draw The Squad Meme. :y
  16. I really, really, really don’t want to do the homework I let pile up until now, so I wasted precious hours doing a Puppetmaster Wilson instead. :V Now I'm off to do all that homework…
  17. Sadly, the art block’s not entirely gone. But I think I might be through the worst part of it, so hopefully things can only go up. Tonight I did some bedtime doodles of young Willow (instead of doing any of the homework that I let pile up because what is responsibility) because why not. They’re super wonky, but I’m sleepy and desperately trying to do anything other than what I’m supposed to.
  18. Alright, I'm back on the Emoji Challenge now as an attempt to stay productive while I work through my art block. This one is just Wigfrid, but I will do Wes later. A6 is a very strange face.
  19. Fanfic is acceptable in this subforum, right? I felt like trying to write something so I asked for some Willowson prompts over on Tumblr and I've got enough to keep me busy for awhile. Might as well share the results with you guys as they come along, even though I'm really rusty since I haven't written anything in awhile. I have lots of problems with this one because it's not as Willowsony as it should've been, and I wanted to make it longer but I was also tired of looking at it and being frustrated. But here it is. The Prompt: Willow taking care of a sick Wilson.