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  1. I got it to work by changing the .bat file. Its weird it worked the first time. I could look in to using steamcmd to install. never really used it before. @ToNiO55
  2. After Following the guide i launched the servers they both fully loaded but the cave servers ip wasnt forwarded yet. so windows firewall pop up I gave access. So now i reload the servers and im getting this crash. ( attached file if needed ) Looks to be something else crashing. i also verified the files deleted the dlcsupport_strings.lua and verified found 1 file missing from each folder game and ded game I also went ahead and re did the MyDedServ folder,. I can run my old Server Bats they run but i keep geting the token invalid for caves. Any Ideas? Thanks for Reading server_log_bug.txt
  3. @YouSmellPurple I just see the file needs updating on steam like any other game I have DL them then restart the servers. You might need to give more info like are you linux windows and http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Don%E2%80%99t_Starve_Together_Dedicated_Servers good info there
  4. Ok FINALLY got this going using a Clear hub express modem (4g internet) the Trick was the IP passthrough after turning it on it took a while restarted the router 3 times and it finally picked up the internet i turned upnp . dhcp ON and changed nic card back to auto config ... not sure if any of that matters. it seems im still using CMD to route my IP but i dont think any of it is needed Hope this helps some people as it did me ill mess with it more but none of the other fixes worked for the router and they worked great for 2 different Xfinity Routers, GL
  5. Are yall using Steam to run the server and launch the game???? like the dont starve dedicated server press play it loads then on the DST together press play to run the game ??? no matter what i do i can not get the game to load this way (is this the Bug) It worked at my dads using Xfinity.. about to go to a friends and try on his cable connection,,,
  6. what i did was in cmd type ipconfig /all then looked for ipv4 it will have ip and (prefered) then google whats my ip or log to router and see what ur ip is it should not be a 192.168 type number thats your private ip then go to your Nic card properties like they say and put in the Private IP probaly something like 192.168 and so on then the mask of oh and the Default gateway ( I think this is the address to log in the the router) from ipconfig you can get the dns but mine didnt work so i used on the seconday and the crap one from ipconfig on top then i went to advanced and added the Public IP the one my router shows which is the same as the one i see when i google whats my ip add the mask. i never lost connection even with the old crap dns until I turned off DHCP on my router kept getting DNS errors thats when i learned about the dns and it all worked.
  7. @Ryuzo, Try to use for the DNS thats what i had to do after turning off DHCP on router Server is up seems to work fine with mods But i still cant see it on laptop win 7 or Desktop Win8.1 Question: IF this is working for Yall Client And server on same PC are u running the Server from Steam and the Game or Server from Folder and Game from Steam???
  8. i was having a issue like that Try to open the ports in windows firewall advanced setting add a new rule i did both inbound and outbound rules told it to open port 10998 if i tried to open the ports in a range like it says in the example where u are adding the port numbers like 10998-10999 it doesn't work so i had to make 2 rules one for 10998 and 10999 and it works in the log says ports are open. the trouble im having now is i cant find server in the list like i could last night when i run the server.exe from the folder it only goes to the default settings folder on 10999 and that seems to stop you from seeing it so i change the client dst launch options to use the custom folder with port 10998 and it did show once in the server but it had ??? for the ping and wasnt able to connect It worked last night great some people had 50-70 ping but today i have been at it for 5 hrs and only saw it that once.... i just don't understand Hope this helps
  9. Okay i'm confused now last night i used the top fix quoted and it work right away now at home on my network the server isn't showing for me. the main thing that i remember was when i started the server it was on port 10998. I thought i ran it from the folder not steam. i read somewhere that if u run the server from steam and the client from steam it will not show up in the server list but every time i try to run from the folder it will only load in the default location with port 10999 is this correct??? and somehow last night when i ran both from steam it let me see it??? I have also tried to change the Client to launch from another folder and use port 10998 so when i run the server from the folder it will use 10999 and default folder, and the game runs on 10998 with custom folder. iv ran it on laptop just like i did last night and on desktop cant seem to get it to show again. Is there a way to run the server from the folders exe and have it use the custom folder like it does when u use the launch options in steam????
  10. Hello im guessing there is some kinda bug with the Ping to server My port is opened 10998 i checked it with a couple programs they all say its open but the log when u start the dedicated server it says [Warning] Could not confirm port 10998 is open in the firewall. and nothing i seems to do changes it, Been like this since yesterday i server comes up in the browser Oh and i even turned the firewall off and it still does the samething Well GL on working things out
  11. you need to right click on the pivot point it should pop up a window to overwrite the default pivot point so you do then the pivot point will be red like it was before u moved it .. thats what i learned hope it helps