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  1. Alright; in that case, if anyone is interested, I am offering $10 sketch commissions. Here are some samples of what I can do.
  2. I've been wondering about this, because I don't know if it would going against any rules set on here, but would it be alright to offer art commissions for cash through the forums? Or no?
  3. KLEI-SENPAI NOTICED ME! And I missed it because I was working. Fffff- But seriously, this is awesome! Thanks, guys!
  4. BLOB! I love your stuff too! <3
  5. This is another older one, and a little heavy on the feels, but I still like it.
  6. Heh, thanks. ^^ I did go to college for animation about five years ago, but I work as a freelance digital illustrator now. I do mainly children's books, but I still love to draw stuff from my favorite games and other fandoms.
  7. Some more sketches I did as commissions I did over on my Tumblr.
  8. I drew this earlier. Shadow Wayward, because why not? XD
  9. I made a DS/DST OC a while back. I worked on her a little bit, and this is what she looks like now.
  10. Yeah, coffee is in Shipwrecked.