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  1. Paid Commissions?

    Alright; in that case, if anyone is interested, I am offering $10 sketch commissions. Here are some samples of what I can do.
  2. I've been wondering about this, because I don't know if it would going against any rules set on here, but would it be alright to offer art commissions for cash through the forums? Or no?
  3. KaStar Fanart Redux

  4. KaStar Fanart Redux

    KLEI-SENPAI NOTICED ME! And I missed it because I was working. Fffff- But seriously, this is awesome! Thanks, guys!
  5. KaStar Fanart Redux

    BLOB! I love your stuff too! <3
  6. KaStar Fanart Redux

    Thank you. :3
  7. KaStar Fanart Redux

    You mean this one?
  8. KaStar Fanart Redux

    This is another older one, and a little heavy on the feels, but I still like it.
  9. KaStar Fanart Redux

    Heh, thanks. ^^ I did go to college for animation about five years ago, but I work as a freelance digital illustrator now. I do mainly children's books, but I still love to draw stuff from my favorite games and other fandoms.
  10. KaStar Fanart Redux

    Some more sketches I did as commissions I did over on my Tumblr.
  11. KaStar Fanart Redux

    I drew this earlier. Shadow Wayward, because why not? XD
  12. KaStar Fanart Redux

    I made a DS/DST OC a while back. I worked on her a little bit, and this is what she looks like now.
  13. KaStar Fanart Redux

    Yeah, coffee is in Shipwrecked.
  14. KaStar Fanart Redux