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  1. Hi @Glhrmzz, Very nice highlight, I didn't know that you could do that with Baggins, but that's awesome ! I saw you live on Twitch once, very nice stream, keep up the good work man !
  2. Well I was talking about the Koalefant, obviously. I think you get it.
  3. ImDaMisterL pretty much sums up all I wanted to say. But I have somthing to add about tips for killing the beast. I see a lot of people using the "block it on the map and start fighting it". I never really did that because with its charge, I'm too scared to take good damage. It's silly cause I can easily fight alone Moose or Bearger but I have another way to kill it pretty easily. When I find the koalefant, I push it into beehive. When it is close enough, I poke the behive (with a axe or something, to not do massive damage), and the killer bees start to chase me. I just run a little and make sure that, when the killer bees stop chasing me, they will find the koaelephant on their way home. Technically, you just have to make sur that the koaelephant is between the beehive and the killer bees. After that, they just start to poke the koalephant. You can then watch the fight, and even doing some damage (be careful to not take back the aggro of the koalefant). Another technic during Spring is to drive him into Beefalos (they will be hostile because it's the mating season). Then again, just watch the fight and make sure to have a Beefalo hat or a safe way to pick up the loot. Sorry for my bad english, if you don't understand something, please let me know.
  4. Hum, never thought that way, but I guess you're right. But I still thinking it could be fun to make "skin events" that you have to unlock by playing the game during a short period of time (I want Wilson with a white beard and a Santa outfit for Christmas event !).
  5. As ultimate26 said, i think it's important to make skins unlockable, as trophy and achievement on consoles. It should be like "Play X hours with <character> to unlock the first skin" for the first level of skin, and then others achievements like "Survive 100 days with Wilson" or "Don't cut trees during 30 days in a row with Woodie" etc... Even specials skins that you have to unlock in a limited period of time (like Hallowenn or Christmas). But if Klei wants to make a little more money by adding skins for money, I won't complain, I perfectly understand that all work deserves to be rewarded. I just think that it would be more fair to give to players a choice : eather complete hard and long objectives, or pay a few bucks. PS : Sorry for my bad english, feel free to correct me.