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  1. Issue fixed, was the .png location among the swap folders.... Great tutorial! I had to really read it over and over to catch that.
  2. Hey yall! Seems to be a lot of smart cookies in here. So i've literally put about 8 hours into just making a custom weapon.... and i'm still stuck at making it show up in my hand. The pivot point is overwritten and the scml file is correctly placed in the first swap folder. The inventory icon works and the ground image works but not in hand.... I checked the atlas txt in the .zip and the image is there and everything compiled correctly. I make sure to zoom in every time I try just in case it's too small. All i'm doing is taking the razor from in-game, changing the look and trying to make it a weapon. Anyways, I will continue to work on it but in the meantime, if anyone wants to take a gander i'll leave it here. Thanks, Vince sweeney