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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'll leave this here. That out of nowhere fight over wurt's name and gender still makes me laugh.
  2. Came here for the new survivor, stayed for the memes. I'm going to yell "IT'S MA'AM" to anyone who refers Wurst as a he in game for sure. lel
  3. i'd say let goose be a short duration transformation with high speed and the ability to swim + jump across gaps. Beaver is fine now but yeah it would be a nice addition to let him have extra damage against treeguards. Moose should move faster and have a longer duration. It's hard to kite with him when he moves as fast as a slug.
  4. I decided to give Woodie a go after his rework. He's my favorite character along with Warly after all. It might be a bit of an unpopular opinion but i wish that Klei didn't touch Woodie's small sanity gain by planting pinecones. Yeah it may sound tedious to some people out there but it was fitting for Woodie's aesthetic as a lumberjack. You cut trees, then you plant em. and you get a small reward for that. The transformations are meh if you're optimistic. Werebeaver is okay, Moose needs to be a bit faster and I don't even know what i can do with the Goose. It would be nice if the Goose was able to swim andleap across gaps at least, or run faster than it does currently. I'm fine with Goose having little transformation time but the other transformations have too short durations. I think that the durations of Moose and Beaver must be extended and the zero hunger post transformation thing should be tweaked. Maybe weakening woodie post transformation as a trade-off is a good direction to go but zero hunger is way too much. The idols already have a small fee on health and sanity. Lastly, now woodie has no real weaknesses. Previously, i either had to pay mind to my beaverness meter or be prepared to transform. I'm gonna miss that part.
  5. the new concept is quite nice on paper but the application... not so much. We're looking up to you klei. please fix it.
  6. Lovely to see another woodie main. out of 2000 hours of my gameplay, roughly around 1500 is spent with woodie ^^. He definitely needs a bit tweaking. Absolutely. He needs to have his own nice that establishes him as the go-to character when it comes to gathering wood. Hell, I remember roleplaying on some servers as a lumberjack for hire, trading large amounts of wood for food/resources Anyway, more wood gained from trees is a good way to start with. Maybe reducing the amount of chops he does before he fells the trees can also work (if i remember correctly, he needs to chop a big tree 8 times to cut it down, reducing it to 6-5 maybe?). Unpopular opinion i think but it fits Woodie. But if a change is necessary, maybe change what he gains from sanity to log meter? I would thematically make sense/encourages the player to maintain treeyards. What do you guys think about giving Woodie or the Werebeaver a damage buff against Treeguards? Logically, Treeguards would be the most common "big" threat that a woodie will face, given how much time he spends cutting wood...
  7. Posh trader Woodie. Respect the cane.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This may become relevant since the character who burns stuff will get a rise in popularity soon. Not all of us may like seeing their forests burn down.