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  1. Huh. Yeah. I have to run those commands every time I re load the world. It doesn't save. I hope klei fixes this
  2. Sometimes it only works if remote is off. I give up. It is completely random what works and when. Please fix these inconsistencies klei, or at least explain why it's doing what it's doing
  3. Is there a way to change my world from the Halloween event to the Christmas event?
  4. Okay. Disregard that. As soon as I come back into my game after commenting that, c_select() c_sel():Remove() does nothing with or without remote, and TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() works perfectly with remote on. I don't even know anymore. I guess if one doesn't work, just try both commands and make sure you're in remote mode.
  5. Hey thanks a ton Wanderer! I never knew about this remote mode before. Here's my analysis: TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() Without remote does nothing, With remote it reappears. c_select() c_sel():Remove() Without remote it reappears, With remote works perfectly. So use c_select() c_sel():Remove() and make sure you're in remote mode and it'll work I guess.
  6. I use the command TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() AND c_select() c_sel():Remove() They both cause the object to disappear but it still has a collision. And when I leave the area and come back, the object reappears. PLZ fix it is very annoying! Thanks!