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  1. I'm really excited! This is so cute and fits so well in the game in my opinion. I absolutely adore the little details like being able to tell stories around the fire and gaining sanity around forests, it really feels like it would add to the immersion of being a scout. Of course I must reserve full judgement for the actual release, but what I see here sounds quite enjoyable.
  2. Convert them to edible meatballs with crock pot magic, of course! I don't know if I'm playing the game wrong or something, but I tend to pretty much survive on this meal, and most of the time I use one monster meat with three vegetables or fruits to make it. It restores a great deal of hunger, and I find it easier to get the monster meat compared to regular meat and morsels. That's because mobs that drop regular meat tend to be tougher and more valuable, like pigs or beefalo.. Tallbirds are a nice source of it, but I don't have that many of them around most of the time. And morsels.. Well, I'm usually just too lazy to do the whole baiting / trapping thing.. Whereas monster meat tends to just pop up fairly often for me, whether from spiders or hound attacks or similar things. I would like to and am trying to expand my cooking range a bit by trying different recipes, but I think that converting monster meat to meatballs is a pretty good strategy and it's easy to do.