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  1. just gonna dump more pics of Wab because i love my OC trash
  2. Judas is indeed the one missing in that pic, I couldnt find a good place to put him on the pic without it lookig too unbalanced imo X) About the cupcake island there an alternate version i forgot to post, it was a gift for my friend ZombieDJ (Weejay's owner)
  3. Havent update here in ages ahah, have some Wab, Wilson and Weejay
  4. some bug happened and some thing have been temporary changed, (like with the 1.2 had the goop completely removed but got added back in in the 1.3), I forgot to update the description when i updated the mod, everything is functional and crash-less without it right now (beside a few texture mess-ups) im terribly sorry about the mix up there It was late at night and i was in a hurry I forgot to change it Im really sorry, my apologies
  5. Version 1.3


    Wailon Adam Banks, or WAB for short is a catcoon lover and they seems to like him back. He doesn't mind eating good and have no remorse "borrowing" things from graves. Thanks to Zarafelx for helping me with the mod. I (or we) will try to update the mod if anything need to be fixed or added. To let me know if anything's messing up for you please contact me on my tumblr at
  6. I've been working on a mod for Wab and an askblog on tumblr so I've been drawing him quite a lot, I've also bee drawing a few catcoons
  7. Wilson and Wx-78 from when my BF and I played DTS
  8. I've been really busy with my many art and ask blogs that I haven't drew much don't starve art.. and when I do it's almost always me and my friend's OC/FC Here have Wab and Weejay in my regular style rather than my dontstarvish one Full view Weejay belong to ZombiDJ
  9. A drawing of Weejay and Wab I did a while back as I was chatting with ZombiDJ She and her Oc are great and I cant deny that my love for Don'T Starve is part from her XD She was alwo the one who got me into Minecraft, tumblr and creating and askblog way before!
  10. yip i think ill try drawing in my normal style today ^^