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  1. Dont listen to this type of elitism guys. If you know how to survive the season feel free to join the servers at any time. Also chances are, if you find normal and social people on the server they will help you get a thermal stone and some basic supplies.
  2. Some warrior spiders dont seem to exit lvl 2 or 3 spider den when using a webby whistle. Looks like this bug only happens when some of the den's spiders are outside of it.
  3. Its also a bummer that spiders dont follow you to the caves, making you unable to get lightbulbs unless you want to lose all of your followers.
  4. Ever since the rework dropped i still havent experienced a speed boost on any webbed turf as a webber. I saw some other webber players did move faster on it but it never worked for me.
  5. I noticed this as well. Very annoying while playing with a Wendy.
  6. I havent been able to wake up any spiders who sleep outside of a spider den. Not sure if this was intended.
  7. Sometimes the webby whistle doesnt bring out some spiders from spider dens and sometimes it doesnt bring out any at all.
  8. Would love to use it for sleeping on a boat, but it sems it cant be upgraded on boats anymore.
  9. Friendly/tamed spiders still attack chester for no reason.
  10. Meaning Webber is still unwelcome in bases. I really hope this is a bug.
  11. He also still auto attacks spider dens, making den decorations very vulnerable. Also doesn't auto attack pigs even when they are chasing him.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. Why do small creatures like spiders even have the ability to destroy walls in the first place?