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  1. That's just a straight up lie. Just because you decided to pay to skip the progression doesn't mean that the characters arent free. You can get all the characters without spending a dime.
  2. It's painfully obvious that you never play webber when you don't even mention his extremely low max sanity (which is a big problem during boss fights). And please, explain, how does webber trivialize combat more than wendy who doesn't even have to press F when fighting? Or wigfrid who just holds F and barely needs to kite or deal with sanity loss? I understand your concerns, but why are you only blaming webber? Sounds like hypocrisy to me.
  3. The forums glitched, every time i pressed "submit reply" it would just add to the post, i dont know what happened
  4. Where were you when wolfgang and wigfrid were added to the game? And when wendy got reworked? Why are you so worried about one of the weakest characters in the game finally becoming somewhat useful?
  5. I know. But they cost resources while my method is always visible and available.
  6. I recommend everyone who rotates often to remember which way north is when they spawn, by associating the terrain around the spawn gate with the various directions. Knowing directions is pretty important. Especially without global positions.
  7. If your ram is running at capacity while youre playing the game i guess it would help.
  8. Im pretty sure that developets dont update requirements. Look i know it sucks that this happened to you,, ive been there (and then i bought a better pc). im just saying that buying a decent computer is probably your only solution.
  9. I think its to be expected that a game becomes slightly more demanding after each update.
  10. Honestly, people should stop being surprised when a game runs badly on their 15 year old pcs with integrated graphics cards. Just set aside a couple hundred bucks and buy something from the current century. I dont think theres anything else you can do to improve your performance. Good luck.
  11. Thats literally just one quote, you dont have to pander the entire character towards it. It would make sense that a spider feels comfortable in the dark since spiders sleep during the day. Also webbers sanity is already extremely fragile as it is.
  12. It would be nice and logical to remove darkness sanity drain for webber but no character should ever be immune to darkness. Its a part of the core gameplay and it should always remain deadly and mysterious imo.
  13. Dont listen to this type of elitism guys. If you know how to survive the season feel free to join the servers at any time. Also chances are, if you find normal and social people on the server they will help you get a thermal stone and some basic supplies.
  14. Some warrior spiders dont seem to exit lvl 2 or 3 spider den when using a webby whistle. Looks like this bug only happens when some of the den's spiders are outside of it.