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  1. I have a 4:3 resolution monitor and when i'm in catacombs i cannot see the side doors because the craft panel end the backpack cover them, i can only enter them with SPACE. on the picture there are ways to both side and i play in 1280*1024 my monitor optimal resolution it makes hard to leave in hurry, if there is something on the ground because the charater try to pick it up first
  2. When i try to plant ELEphant Cactus it says ACTION instead of plant
  3. my monitor is 1280*1024 but my pc can't handle it, so i switced to 1024*768 but when the game autosave at new days it revert back to 1280*1024 this occoured multiple times the game freeze a bit, when it autosaves
  4. We win the runwith 18 meal fulfilled none failed and i didn't get my reward neither the accomplishment checked unfortunaltelly i didn't make a screenshot...
  5. we snackrificed the right meals in my non-silver game and didn't get any favor...
  6. When i collect the ingedients to make a mussel stick, it do not make a sound and on the crafting bar, the food tab doesn't turn to green. Sometimes it does, but i think most of the time it doesn't...
  7. I was figting with a lureplant, when a mosquito appeared from the puddle, one of the eye ate it, just as i killed the meaty bulb and then the game froze I thought it might just saving, but there was no save icon on the screen.
  8. On my island a lure plant ate a jerky from my drying rack and it arreared in the plant but the rack looked like it still has the jerky on it, but it was gone.
  9. You can plant a caught butterfly on the water and get a flower I still have undiscovered things in the game, so if this is not a bug but an intented feature, i will delete this post!!
  10. After the dupes put down the hat and get in bed, the moment they show their back, the hat appear for a second on thier head again then it disappear.
  11. In the character setup from the menu, when you wanna see the special picture some character has its hair in the was, like wendy, willow, wigfrid.
  12. I just tried to "get out of my boat", i think, i should not be able to stuck there, i just had to die there from the impact...
  13. I was on an island, when the vulcan erupted. i tried to get to my boat, be as i jumped i saw the mark of a lavaball incoming at the edge of the island, which will also hit my boat. I was in mid-air when it hit. It destroyed my boat, but i "survived" and got stuck on top of the burning remains of my boat and was unable to do anything jsut watching my character burn to death slowly. it should have benn instadeath, not watching my character die slowly...
  14. but as you can see, the fire is not underwater, it is on the surface and follow the wobster
  15. when i used bucket -o-poop on a dried out farm, the character says, "I can't do it", but he do it and it drains the bucket, also fertelizing the farm, but it is very misleading and confusing