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  1. Upon closer examination on the ship, it seemed that the fish were unusually colorful.


    All Meritursas could see was natural beauty. Pure white sands and poisonous fish. 

    The reflective gold object was gone. 

  2. (Oop, didn't really mention what happened to the tursai)

    Meritursas and Malii were sent plummeting into the ocean quite the distance from the ship. With the power of their impact, they got tangled with the aquatic foliage. 

  3. Wails and screams rose high over those of the crew. Splashing through the water's surface frantically now, dozens of other tursai could be seen swimming against the tides. The water began to suck back towards the throat, but with the applied forces, the boat was sent flying out of the side of the leviacan's mouth. The crew was met with the impact of hundreds of seabirds before plummeting towards the waters below. In a shower of feathers and tainted water, the ship was submerged for a few brief moments before bouncing back above the surface. It was extremely waterlogged. The curiously brilliant fish flopped and danced over the deck, as the seawater rushed off of the sides of it. Seagulls swarmed the boat for them. 

    The leviacan tilted its head back, and the distant screaming stopped abruptly. It turned around slowly, pushing the boat away as it searched for a good spot to feed again. 

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  4. The tursai unleashed an unholy shriek, before being sucked into oblivion with her young. At the moment the suction would have become twice as powerful due to the absence of the monster clogging the throat, the bird took a turn in the air and dived for something. Meritursas, in the dark water, couldn't see through the debris and was swept away.


    The rush of water hiccuped as the leviacan swayed to its side. It began to crash into the side of its mouth. In a blinding flash, sunlight broke through. It seemed far from the boat, though. As the panic and struggle continued, something enormous slammed into Malii. It was Meri. fatty

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  5. A loud groan rumbled through the cavern of the Leviacan's beak. The waters shifted for a moment. 

    The ship began to move in its own... along with Malii. The sea water around them began to rush. It was pulling them. Increasingly violent waves whipped against the ship's exterior. Famen moved Angelle and shot up to run to the front of the deck. 

    A strong suction pulled the mother tursai backwards. She habitually clamped her third pincer onto the leviacan's uvula and cried out, squeezing her daughter protectively. "Whats happening?!" she wailed. "Mom?!"

    The throat of the colossus heaved. She was blocking it, and it wanted to consume the waters. None of the tursai had ever experienced it before. After so many years, it was finally feeding time again. 


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  6. The aitivalku began to drift backwards towards her nest, continuing to shelter her child. "Come, come." The younger tursai stayed closer, entranced by the cooing and gentle hold, acting as if Meri wasn't there at all. 

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  7. "Look at me," she said firmly. Her daughter's expression became slightly more relaxed and diverted from her attacker as she turned to meet her mother's eyes. She looked pale in the light of her eyes- a towering, coddling wellspring of deformities. "Mom... It stings," she mumbled, a hint of weakness showing in her voice. She nervously glanced back at Meritursas, but the larger tursai raised her claw to block him from view. 

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  8. Meri was sent flying through the water by a drastically forceful blow. The mother tursai had left her nest completely, and floating in place now, was revealed to be a mass of exposed membrane, flesh, and spinal columns. She was enormous. The beast gently prodded at her child's shell as Meri regained his stance. Slightly embarrassed, but mostly seething, the younger tursai accepted the cover from her parent. "You were hurt before. Why didn't you come to me sooner?" she muttered. The other remained shamefully silent as she watched Meri through a sharp glare. "What are you doing?" she hissed. "You're bleeding," the elder spat back. "Ignore that thing." 


    "You're missing limbs..."

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  9. She wails, biting down on Meritursas' back with her large beak. As he thrashed, she hissed and gagged in attempt to fill him with poison. 

    The other tursai cautiously leans closer.

  10. 1 hour ago, DwerBomb said:

    ( @Chris1488 do you decide where the boat is heading of is Lipton in charge of that?)

    (@Chris1488 You should have told me on steam if you wanted me to do this- it's a really bad time for me to take hints, I've been busy)


    She stays glued to her shell, thick-skinned tendrils coiling tightly over her protectively. She lashes out with her tongue again as the other tursai watches from the throat of the monster. 

  11. The leviacan felt something itchy and cold in its beak. It quickly melted, being near the top.


    Her gaze flickers away from Meri for a moment. Then again. And again.... to something behind him. 


    Her tongue lashed through the still waters and whipped across the length of Meritursas' side. "Get away from her!" It was the smaller tursai from before.

  12. She cackles, swinging again with one of her claws. Meri is sent spiraling through the water. "Why do you try? I'm going to kill you, small one." She opens her claws to reveal twitching rows of teeth inside. Meritursas has been swept away far enough to make an escape, if he takes this chance.

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  13. "Enough!" she booms, tearing the claw from the bird's uvula and bringing it down swiftly in attempt to crush him. He snakes around her blow, but the force of it sends him struggling for control of his movements again until the water settles. She lashes out with a tendril next.

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  14. The tursai thrashes, sending Meri away with the current again, along with a chunk of her own carapace. She projectiles a blob of searing venom in his direction, shielding her face with her tendrils. 

    (Yeah, sorry @MenaAthena. I don't think that thing wants to move.)

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  15. She roars with laughter, swinging one of her crab claws through the water. Meritursas is struck on his side, and sent swirling like dust with the current born from her movements. Her eyes bulge and flicker, as she spreads her tendrils to seem larger herself. Ink pours from her mouth in a thick, oily waterfall and bleeds into the seawater like dye. 

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