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  1. The mountains were close now, a large opening in the distance that led to the open ocean. Kultakala began to sense something dangerous there, but was too distracted by her primal rage. She dove into the sea and began to chase again, catching up this time by leaping in and out of the water, her fins carrying her a bit of distance. sdxczawefr (<--- an ant was on my keyboard :^D)

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  2. She shook her head in her rampaging approach as she was pelted with small shocks and needle pricks. Her shaking became so violent that she swerved and dived to the side, resurfacing even closer. It wasn't funny anymore. 

    Her eyes sent a sharp wave of light casting over the ship and the stretch of sea before it, as the skin around her face expanded and her spikes jutted out at an alarming and threatening length. She gained even more speed and raised her head to bring its spines down on Malii like a morning star, as she let out a frustrated cry.

  3. A smudge of black streaks over the spike in front of her nose. She was startled by the flash of light, and the explosion itself sent a wave of pain through her nose. Kulta locked onto the ship with her eyes and rushed towards it angrily.  

  4. Kultakala is intrigued by the result of her show. She snaps at the water in front of Malii without warning to spook her, a high-pitched clicking escaping her for a brief moment. 

  5. Kulta slowed to a stop, examining Malii at a rudely close distance. She laughed, rearing again. Meri fell off of her spike. 

    (You guys just gonna sit there in the same part of the water?)

  6. (I can't rp every single day, I have real hobbies...)


    Kulta took Meri into the kelp for a good while, unknowing of his presence. He could see the route she took circling around the clearing, watching Malii and the ship with concerning interest. Through the thick wall of greenery, other tursai could be seen for moments in-between the hundreds of layers of kelp. They seemed to be avoiding the clear waters and overall minding their own business. She slowed to a stop, turning her nose to the ship and almost throwing him off again as she surprised him with the sudden movement. She squirmed a little when the spot Viridis hit her stung and throbbed. It was like an ant bite. 

    Then, as Malii regained herself, her echolocation quickly picked up her muttering. She reared her head and swam towards her again. 

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  7. From Kultakala's sheer size, Malii managed to plank her underbelly for a good two seconds before meeting Otto's fate, whilst staying conscious. Kulta loomed down over them, throwing her head about excitedly before dipping and leaving them in silence again.

  8. 2 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

    (I supposed I could add a little more to Otto's situation but... I don't want to give too much away don't know how to word it well. Also idk if I'll need @Chris1488 permission to include Otto's backstory/sidestory or not?)

    (Edit: Look! I ded et! :D )



    (So what are we gonna do with Dwer forcing us to basically stop in the middle of an action climax?)






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  9. Kulta locks her beaming eyes with Malii's. She tilts her head, and unleashes an ear-piercing cry, bowing and spreading her beautiful, colorful fins. The water inbetween her and Malii crashes backwards on the surface in waves from the force of the shrieking. She begins to charge towards her.

  10. Kultatursas shimmied down into the water with impressive control. This tursai seemed unusually athletic. The boat was left rocking and swaying in the open. As Malii approached, Kulta rose from the reef again to shoot a rocket of water into her face from her blowhole, another cackle escaping her maw. She then turned to the ship and blasted water towards it as well, hitting Wallan first and directly, knocking him into the ocean a far distance from the ship. 

  11. As Malii abandons the crew and reaches the spot to inspect, a jet of bubbles begins disturbing the water around the area of the ship. Looking over, eyes adjusted to the colorful reef, it shocked Meritursas when on his side of the ship, the glow of an electric-blue eye pierced the water directly below its surface. A booming wicked laughter erupted from the ocean as the ship was lifted completely out of the water on the nose of the dolphin tursai, and balanced there. It was damn near close to the size of a fully grown hunter, scaling at about 3/4th's. The ship wobbles as Kultakala claps her fins and swishes her tail to stay upright. 

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  12. Kultakala does a full flip, scattering a shower of saltwater across the mountains on the horizon before diving back into the sea. She was undetectable, leaving no sign of life except the ripples and her scent, which was easily masked by the sheer amount of other fish in the water. 

    The clearing is left silent, free of all noise the crew itself wasn't making. It stays quiet for a while, before...

    You feel dread wash over you, despite whether you may have spotted the tursai or not.

  13. 1 hour ago, DwerBomb said:

     Eventually he smells fish Syndir caught, sits down and starts eating 


    (guys eat something else lmao get creative)

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  14. 1 hour ago, DragonMage156 said:

    (I don't remember him eating it. If only Meri came up and told everyone on the boat not to eat them. Why/how are they poisoned anyway?)

    (Considering the fact that I hinted at it in an extremely obvious way, and Otto's pouncing on them, you would think at some point he would have bitten into one and would be poisoned. And Malii hasn't told the crew yet. Btw, yes, the fish are 100% poisonous to everyone. Nature's like that sometimes.)

    As Meri took a closer look around the reef, he could see upon further inspection that the forest of kelp and seaweed was far larger than he thought. It was too thick to see through, but it smelled strongly of other creatures. Potentially just fish. 

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