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  1. Lipton raised an eyebrow under her layer of spider skin and fur when she heard Pyro's reasoning. "Pyro, I know you've been sleeping mostly this entire time, maybe you should just wait to hear everyone's arguments and pick someone based off of those." She crossed her arms tightly. "I'm not voting until everyone gets to say something."

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  2. Lipton took the note, examining it closer. She set it on the ground. "At least there's still some good hanging around and doing its job right." She looked over at Battal and the legs around her neck curled. "I think we can all say the same," she said solemnly. "It's everyone's fault we didn't stay together and prevent this." She rubbed Mena's shoulder gently. "If the paramedic gets busted, we have a lot to thank them for. It could have been worse."

  3. "Maybe you should look around the crime scene." she said. "If I was a killer, I don't think I'd hide any 'evidence' in a kitchen cupboard." She caressed her own cheek, giving a distant look of doubt. "Actually, I think I might go back before everyone messes up the crime scene." Lipton starts back towards where they came from. "Toodles, Mezukie! And er... train fellow. And you." She finished muttering, exiting the room.

  4. Lipton eyed the dead body for a few more moments before wandering off with Mezukie and Pyro. She leaned in to the fellow spideress, whispering. "Why did they come back to a mansion party if they remember what happened last time? I think this is the worst case scenario." She leaned back for a moment. 

    "Well, at least I'm alive, actually. Ahuhu."