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  1. Lipton smiled sweetly at Waddle. After hearing Giddy's uproar, she froze up.

    Aren't there like... three or four girls left? she thought. F*ck me. Again.

    "Dee, I'm going to go look for evidence. It's about to get rough for the ladies," she said, before running off towards the heart of the crime scene to look closer.

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  2. "Before things changed," she uttered, "I remember being dead... and after that, it..." Lipton swallowed hard. "I remember being offered something powerful. I learned a lot about everyone, but... in the end, I gave it to someone else. I think they're the host of this party now." She had a tough time keeping eye contact for the moment. "I don't know the roles of the people here, but I know your name."

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  3. She stared at him for another moment, before letting go. As he scrambled away she turned towards the other. "Xyzzy? Are you going to be sick?" she asked, offering what was left of her dress to wipe off the gore on the squirming waddledee. She glanced over her shoulder at Ryan. "Oh... uh."

  4. Lipton's face poked out from the bloody bundle of cloth. "I suppose shorts and an undershirt aren't very formal. Is there a laundry room?" Her voice was a little shakey, but she tried hard to keep her usual demeanor. She glanced over toward Toast and Dee, and walked up to them. "Get up, both of you. You're going to get diseased or infected somewhere if you mope around in his brains like this." She grabbed Toast by his mech leg and quickly wiped at his eye. "Go find a bathroom," she said to him.

  5. (Alright, let's slow down just a little. Mena, you have until like, 5 or 6 PM CT tomorrow to vote and argue and stuff)

    Lipton hops into an armchair, resting her head on one of the arms and burying her mouth into her fur. She thought hard for awhile.

    (I'm going to wait until morning to vote, if at all- I need sleep to not be sick as a dog tomorrow for the stream x_x)

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  6. Lipton watched the bedlam unfold with an expression of surprise. She breathed out sharply, stepping back. I don't know who to vote for! she thought. Her eyes were wide. Was everyone really at Zeklo's throat at this point? So much was being said about so many people, minds were being changed, and she squeezed her hands together. She's never seen Mage defend herself like this before. Her voice was small, but she spoke up in regards to Mena "giving up". "She... she was injured. Pretty badly." 

    Lipton gazed down towards Toast's breakdown, and her hands fell to her sides. What now?

  7. Lipton scuttled up to Battal and tugged lightly on his apparel. "What do you mean? If we give away an innocent, a killer will take them eventually. And some of these people... they don't know what they're doing. What if another innocent gets caught up in this just because they were convinced by the guilty to vote for someone else innocent?"  she whispered. "It defeats the purpose."

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  8. "I haven't been in the bar," Lipton spoke up. "And I think you guys will find nothing in the bedrooms is different... I didn't find anything." She noticed a few were leaning towards Corinith. "Hold on, is voting to lynch him the best idea we have?" She scratched her head. "As much as I feel... indifferent toward him... If we're blaming his nature, we're making the same mistake we did with Soto. The arm strength is a good point, but... it just... I don't know."

    She fumbled with her hands, looking down at her feet. She glanced back up upon hearing Battal's exclamation. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. He really wants to know who has the innocent roles, doesn't he? she thought.

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