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  1. She smirked. "You have no choice but to defend yourselves from all negative parties, in fact, you're doing so right now, naturally." Her head tilted. "The Mafia had a choice. And they chose to try and take me out. I have a grudge." Cassia dug her nails into Toast, tearing him off of her and holding him up in front of her. "I'm a good target for you. But maybe you should be more observant of the non-chalant behavior of those around you. It can say a lot." She looked the sentient bread in the eye after shaking him awake. "You're unusually calm, just as Pyro is... You both like sitting back and watching, don't you? You both keep doing and saying unhelpful things, because you both have no reason to step in when the knife isn't against your necks."

    She glowered at Zeklo. "Is this what you wanted?"

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  2. She let out a high-pitched laugh from her spot on the ground, squirming like a hairy caterpillar until she faced those standing above her. "I got to taste him, too. I was so close to making fugu of that prickly blabber mouth." She glanced at Ryan. "I bet you'd taste similar," she panted.

    Lipton's spider legs tried fruitlessly to scratch and cling to the ropes around her as she spoke. She suddenly seemed smaller, and she let out a frustrated yelp.