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  1. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    (Sorry, keeps slipping my mind) Lipton descends to the basement, and a passageway opens. She knew Battal was in close pursuit of her, since she could smell the overwhelming aroma of salt and social anxiety over the stale scent of those who had been rotting down there previously. She hurriedly walked down the previously-hidden staircase, glancing nervously over her shoulder.
  2. Wave after Wave

    "Oh, that's... lovely." He looked slightly concerned.
  3. Reminder: No streams tomorrow- taking a break this week.


  4. Wave after Wave

    "So, uh..." He blinks, his glowing eyes flickering in and out of the night sky. "What brings all of you here? And together, for that matter?"
  5. Wave after Wave

    "Well, hello to you, too... I suppose." He nestled back into the sand semi-comfortably. "Hunter? Rubbish. Look nothin' like those mangy things." He examined the accompanying tursai a little more closely. "Er... no offense."
  6. Wave after Wave

    He squinted with glee down at the ship. "Hello, Kate!" He considered what Otto said for a brief moment. "Are you all poisonous, then? I'm not touching that, you can all consider yourselves safe. Last time I ate a bugger like that, I got left with a tummy ache. For about a minute. Not worth it, honestly." As Niella beamed up towards him he moved backwards, and jumped at the sound of her voice. Was that enormous predator always there? "And w-who might you be?" he asked the giant.
  7. Wave after Wave

    It craned its neck, looking at the sky. "So it is, then!" The tursai looked back down at the crew. It noticed the hand gestures. "You all seem to be feeling quite hunky-dory 'round something big as me. Well, I'm not actually hungry, so cheers to you, you... small, dodgy creatures!" It lowered its head back down to look at them closely again. "Melankolia Mäki, nice to meet you, little ones. But you all can just call me Mäki."
  8. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    (keep it in the offtopic thread, folks)
  9. Wave after Wave

    As the sun sets, the crew begins to collectively feel less energetic. The horizon fades to black and a light blanket of stars distract weary eyes from the landmass coming up in the distance. Niella bumps into it while zoned out, and stops. The water reacts quite a bit, and Meri brings the ship to a halt, gazing over it in confusion. "Ow! How'd I miss this?" Just then, half of the landmass shifted and rose into the air. Several sets of softly glowing pink eyes peered down on Meri and the ship. It was a terrifying monster! It had huge spiked fins and tusks, it looked like an elephant seal- it was as large as a hunter! It opened its maw, revealing... not much, actually. It yawned. "What's this doofer? You miffed about something mate?" It boomed. The tursai leaned in over the water, squinting. It didn't seem to notice Niella. "You lot look like lunch."
  10. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Lipton, ignoring the fact that one of her victims were alive and standing nearby- even the fact that she felt a part of her that she came there with leave her forever, straightened her back out and opened her mouth to speak. "I'm going down to the basement," she said with a blank stare. She began to walk away.
    1. AnonymousKoala


      The food is ***** DEAD edition

    2. Bebbit


      Soto got lynched again edition

  11. Thanks for coming to the stream! I updated the post with the comic because I forgot some things.

    1. Sporb


      You know, you can set the game you're playing on Twitch to "creative," which is the category for drawing and stuff. Currently it just says you're playing "games + demos" or something when you stream.

      I don't know if you care, or if it even matters and this is probablynitpickyandugh...

    2. AnonymousKoala


      It says she's not playing anything. But yeah, creative.

  12. Stream's in an hour!


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      Aww frick, I'll be missing it thanks to art and game jamming

    2. DragonMage156
  13. Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

    You've improved a lot, Mezukie! Thanks for these!
  14. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Man! This day felt like it was dragging on forever. Lipton grew drowsy again, wobbling.
  15. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    She awoke to the host's words, and stretched. "Listen to fishface," she said. "Or I'll kill him myself."
  16. It just went down for almost a full hour... I'm gonna have to cancel for the week. Sorry guys!


    1. Battal


      I was going to be sad before I remembered what most streams turn into;


    2. AnonymousKoala


      Please, Lipton streams are just excuses to use TTS on Discord.

    3. DragonMage156



      Oh well atleast I won't be missing anything... unless it's on Twitch then I probably could have rewatched it... partly with sound -_-

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  17. Stream's in an hour!

    (if my internet stops cutting out)


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      Commit the sacrifice already and appease Internet. 

  18. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    Lipton is still sleeping.
  19. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    "This is going nowhere and I have no problem with that," she said, sitting back in a large armchair. She watched Chris argue over candy with an invisible force until she dozed off.
  20. Mafia The Worst Memorial Party Ever: Season 2

    "Sounds a whole lot like Toast's death opened the flood gates in Pyro's mouth." Lipton snickered.