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  1. I was referring saying how when you have night vision, you spawn a light that has a radius of how far the light illuminates. For the ability I want this character to have, I want to have the effect be in a radius of space around it than say have it affect the entire world (like say within 30 feet from your character). As for "plants", I am just pointing to all things that grow over time, that being: Grass, Saplings, Reeds, etc. For example, if I want a few of things to grow twice as fast, I could put it as: GLOBAL.TUNING.BERRY_REGROW_TIME = (GLOBAL.TUNING.BERRY_REGROW_TIME * 0.5)GLOBAL.TUNING.GRASS_REGROW_TIME = (GLOBAL.TUNING.GRASS_REGROW_TIME * 0.5)GLOBAL.TUNING.SAPLING_REGROW_TIME = (GLOBAL.TUNING.SAPLING_REGROW_TIME * 0.5)GLOBAL.TUNING.REEDS_REGROW_TIME = (GLOBAL.TUNING.REEDS_REGROW_TIME * 0.5)GLOBAL.TUNING.FLOWER_SPAWN_TIME = (GLOBAL.TUNING.FLOWER_SPAWN_TIME * 0.5)I want this as an ability for a character that only affect "plants" around it within a set distance near it, and not the entire world.
  2. Something like that. Think of it as how rain gives a bonus to plant growth and makes takes them less time to grow. I want the character to give off like an "aura" that gives a bonus to plants near it within a certain range, much like having "night vision" where you can change how large the circle of light can be but have a circle of effect that affect plants in this case. I was also contemplating on having this character also have the ability to negate the effect of replanting stuff, making for example replanted berry bushes still act as if they haven't been replanted through the use a custom item only it can make.
  3. As the title says, I was wondering if it's possible to make a character that has the ability to affect the growth rate of plants such as berries/farms/etc. within a certain range but only affect the client (or host if the host is using that character). I tried making a mod to test out a few things (before seeing if it can be implemented into a character) like changing things such as "GLOBAL.TUNING.BERRY_REGROW_TIME" but it seems to affect all players if the host has it enabled. Any possible help?
  4. That's great! Thanks in advance Peter.
  5. With the update that changed the entire interface and gave the characters a new select screen image and all, I've been wanting to update my own mod and use the font that is used for spell their name out. Anyone know what font it is and/or where to get it?
  6. It works, but when you enter the world (joining or hosting), it does not come into effect until the next phase of time. So if I made a brand new world which starts you during the day, it does not go into effect until dusk. I tried changing the "startday" to "isday" but it didn't still didn't go into effect immediately.
  7. Sorry for the doublepost (can't find an "edit post" button anywhere), but I wanted to ask if there's a place to find all the events (dusktime, nighttime, etc.). I want to make say a function for certain moon phases like a full moon.
  8. It didn't work when I first pasted that in, but easily fixed it by removing the excess "end" lines: local function updateHungerRate(inst) if TheWorld.state.isday then inst.components.hunger:SetRate(1.5*TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE) elseif TheWorld.state.isdusk then inst.components.hunger:SetRate(1*TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE) elseif TheWorld.state.isnight then inst.components.hunger:SetRate(0.5*TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE) endendinst:ListenForEvent( "dusktime", function() updateHungerRate(inst) end , GetWorld())inst:ListenForEvent( "daytime", function() updateHungerRate(inst) end , GetWorld())inst:ListenForEvent( "nighttime", function() updateHungerRate(inst) end , GetWorld())
  9. Have you checked the visibility options for the mod you have uploaded to the Workshop? If it's on Private or Friends Only, it will not appear in the search results in the Workshop unless you make it Public. Otherwise, you will have to manually give people your workshop link and have them on your friends list.
  10. Thanks a lot! It no longer crashes the game when running with DFV. I do have another question regarding another line of code but I don't want to make another topic/thread. So I'll post it here. I have a function to give a player a slower hunger drain during the night, but a faster hunter drain during the day (both are separate), but I do not know where to place this line of code in the prefabs file to have it activate/deactivate: [codesyntax]inst:ListenForEvent( "nighttime", function() [code GOES HERE] end, GetWorld() )[/codesyntax] I found that snipit for someone trying to add Night Vision to their character and another member posted that to help with it activating during the night and then deactivating it during the day. But I would like it to be used for the function I want to give it above as I mentioned.
  11. I'm trying to port over a character (for just me and a friend) originally made for Don't Starve that was also compatible with Reign of Giants over to DST, but I managed to get everything working except for one particular thing. In the modmain.lua, I noticed this particular section of code was meant to give the character double the hunger value for meats: I want to get that over to the script/prefabs lua file. But I don't know how to exactly. The character runs perfectly fine and works with that left in the modmain file but it conflicts with the Display Food Values mod and ends up crashing the game. Any help would be appreciated!