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  1. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on such a wonderful job. It is the first time that I open a thread in one of the forums hosted by Klei and I will not leave here without first saying what titles like Don't Starve, or Mark of the ninja have come to fascinate me ... You have an unmistakable and wonderful defined identity as producers. Today I come to ask you about GRIFTLANDS ... I have investigated and read through the forum ... and although my English is dire, I have found this section and several posts that mention that there are many languages to choose in options even it are at alpha or incomplete. .. among them SPANISH ... I wanted to know if that was still the case, since it has been impossible for me to find it in the options among the rest of the languages to choose from ... am I doing something wrong? or is it just not currently? I hope you can understand this mixture of poorly spoken English and Google Translate, and you will answer me soon. I bought this game very early, looking forward to the day that someone made Spanish possible for this game.