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  1. Well, can we instead of just making fire bigger get item "fat" or "grease" and use it insted? Also could be cool if you could use "fat" to recharge lantern or miner hat.
  2. I play as WX-78 often, so.. why your mod doesn't have wetness indicator?
  3. I'm Crybaby Peepants of third iteration: I cried when summer came first time into my world. I cried when dragonfly brutally murdered me after burning my base to ashes. I cried when I found that mod. Liek if you cry everytim...
  4. lvl of evil? Can you clarify that sentence for me? And yes, it shows temperature in day clock(maximize third screenshot to see).
  5. No, everybody will die! You allways can turn off mod after you have enough beehives. And beehives out of your "player magic"(load range) don't require that many ram/cpu(cause no active searching bees).
  6. Allright, sorry, can read lua files: ash = cooked fish = rot = 2,5 day hours for farms = 2 farm uses = 0,5 wither cycle(3 berry,10 grass) raw fish = wet goop = manure = 10 day hours for farms = 10 farm uses = 1 wither cycle(5 berry,20 grass) Also your ash farms require 8,25 day hours to grow a crop vs 10 day hours of vanilla stone farm vs 20 day hours of normal vanilla farm.(maybe you should boost it? like 7,5h = 0,25? ) Well, now, that I downloaded your mod, I should use it, aren't I? So here's another question, though: what can I use to make alot of ash in small ammount of time? P.S. "inst.components.grower.level = level --what the hell does this do?" - it's used to tell crop, how he should look on your screen, I suppose.
  7. Well, I allways have enough rot to fertilize all the stuff from all over the map, so, not sure how much I need it. Unless you tell fertilize values, it can change my mind.
  8. I tired of rains, that spawn around 50 frogs around my base. Also I tired of them attacking me after that...