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  1. Had to create an account and post here because support isn't responding to my email. Running OSX 10.9.4 on a Macbook Air. Installed Don't Starve. Ran it. Exited it. Ran updater. Updates itself to v22 (which it does EVERY time, btw) Update Don't Starve with the Updater. Run Don't Starve. Exited it. Ran RoG Installers. Says it's Installed. Ran Don't Starve. No RoG is installed. (In fact, it's still showing me a little ad that RoG is out that links to the web.) Uninstalled Don't Starve. Deleted Entire Klei Directory from my Documents Folder. Did it ALL AGAIN. Still no RoG. What's up guys? What am I supposed to do here?