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  1. I haven't even maxed them at day 10. I almost have. Though I only upgrade one agent with max hacking (Internationale, for obvious reasons).
  2. I really like this idea actually. Every other daemon is designed so you can handle them if you plan your moves. Reduced AP, more program costs, extra guards, ... But Felix just takes your money. Gone. You just did a vault? Too bad, it's all gone (on higher levels at least). I think it should be OR less than difficulty x 200 credits (I think that's the formula according to what I've seen) OR there should be some kind of counterplay. But just making your money disappear is a bad design imho.
  3. I would avoid them, but when everything has a daemon and you have a Mask daemon installed, and you MUST open each safe because you need to find the card to open the teleporter.... *cries*
  4. That seems really cool! Gonna try it in my next run if I encounter it. Right now I've replaced Datablast with Brimstone, because really, too many daemons. That extra 10% will make sure that I don't drown in the daemons. And I just got siphoned another 1400 credits. Really Klei? Really? Can I have SOME money please?
  5. What does Shade do exactly? Also, I really loved that in one of my Security Dispatch missions I found a Courrier that I had to save. I barely managed it. (really, I had the courrier teleported away and all 4 of my guys were aiting for it to respawn, while a conga line of 6 guards were investigating the corpse that was right outside the room. I was so lucky that nobody came in, because if a hadn't had a Flash Grenade (love those things) I would've died.) A little disappointed thought that I only got some cash from it, no special extra mission or something
  6. So I've reached day 7 in my most recent run. (started archive Xu and Prism and at I've found Nika and Internationale, the best ones I could've found I think). I've got a bunch of upgrades and a huge amount of tools. Most notably Nika has 3 Flurry Guns and +1 ranged pen, but if you'd think I'm unstoppable then you're wrong. (Heck, Nika can even kill 2 guards/drones with ONE Flurry Gun, because of her passive, meaning I can effectively kill up to 6 guards/drones for free each mission.) But in these difficulty levels, things just go insane. I might a huge amount of guns (both lethal and not), EMP packs (4 of them), stunners, power regen laptop + augment, a cloak, ... I also have a very nice program setup: Wildfire (+5 power, all firewalls +1), Datablast (AoE 1 firewall hack for 3 pwr), Dagger v.2, Parasite and Wrench 3. (It is very effective because it all synergises. Datablast and Parasite make sure the firewalls don't go to insane levels due to Wildfire, and I can even buff firewalls so they're targetable by Wrench. If a firewall get too high because it's at the end of the level and I've used Wildfire too much, Dagger v.2 can deal with it. The only thing I would replace Parasite or Wrench with would be Hammer, but I didn't find it yet) And despite all this... each mission is still a huge challenge. [Minor Spoiler about high difficulty levels] In these levels you BEGIN the level with a super-daemon. Talking about program cost +2 for 20 turns. Or item cooldown +3 for 20 turns. Or to piss you off even more, lets install a daemon on EVERY device (effectively creating devices that have 2 daemons) So I'm still getting into tough situations sometimes. Some levels are harder than others, but that's only due to the map generator RNG. If I find the teleporter security card early, and the teleporter, and the objective, then it's generally still easy. But more often than not those 3 locations are way apart from eachother. Also, three 1000 credit Felix daemons is pretty painful after you just raided a vault with password. You don't quite swim in the money, like you used to before the full release. tl;dr Good job devs, you did an awesome job at keeping Endless mode interesting and difficult!