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  1. Display Food Values v2.0

    no,i think you're very good,because i saw no any mods support this version.But you did it.Although it doesn't work in ROG,but i still very happy,because i met two good guys.Thanks you very much.By the way,i think you can take this to steam, the people there is need to it
  2. Display Food Values v2.0

    but why in my Don't Starve Together(ROG),it say it is not the online mods,and it doesn't work ,is area questions or version questions ?Can you help me?i readly need it,it is very useful for me as a novice.Thank you
  3. Display Food Values v2.0

    can this mod used in ROG? By the way,i'm a Chinese,can this mod change into Chinese by myself?if it can,please tell me how.Thanks
  4. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Hi, your mod is splendid and I like it a lot! I'm from asia and maybe you have to stand my poor English...Sorry. Although I'm not sure of it, But it seems that there is a bug: After I enable your mod(both neat and default version), the things in my backpack (normal pack) NEVER get wet...And at that time the things on my inventory have already got wet for a long time. Would you be so kind and exam that if you got one moment? Thanks. Could be my pirate version of the game that causes that glitch.