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  1. 50 sanity for jelly salad?? that's ridiculous, it should be like 20 sanity AT MOST, especially with the alternative sources of leafy meat in DST.
  2. Cons: Horrible, painful torment. Starvation. No escape, insanity. Pros: No taxes, no student loans, become a user of the Forbydden Majyyks. It's not a hard decision.
  3. so, how did that work? because i'm legitimately curious how the code would accidentally cause such an effect.
  4. don't make a persona 4 joke don't make a persona 4 joke don't make a persona 4 joke don't m-
  5. sooo why did wilson need to do a whole bunch of blood magic and build a big portal, but this kid just changes the channel and gets sucked in
  6. Woby Fox, creator of Wndertale. (So, woe-bee for me, hee hee.)
  7. I value my eyes, so I'm staying sane if I'm not specifically looking to get Nightmare Fuel.
  8. Nah, it's all in good fun. I'm as excited for Walter as anyone, and Klei is very cool. Actually, I started out just with the "two chesters" part before I realized that the "NO SKINS" fit as a punchline unedited. TBH, if I could change anything about it, I would probably just cut it off at "NO SKINS!" for simplicity's sake.
  9. wow i cant wait for the discourse about this
  10. Juicy Berries are better for when you're exploring or nomadic, but when you're actually farming, Red Berries win out with their shorter growth time (3-5 days to JBB's 9-13 days) and longer spoilage time (raw 6 days to raw juicy's 2 days), making them easier to stockpile efficiently. The extra 3.125 hunger per juicy berry does not change this. Speaking of all these berries, apparently Juicy Berries are the same species as Red Berries, according to Wickerbottom.
  11. It's where he stores all that Canadian kindness.
  12. I think it would be pretty cool if his slingshot shot projectiles in an arc, like Winona's catapults.