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  1. Boat durability

    About maybe 1 to 2/3 of a turf tile in my experience.
  2. To be fair, this screenshot is from when the textures were bugged. They're vertically stretched in that image. You got a link for that?
  3. Warly Debut Wishlist

    Ah, thanks. Could stand to be a bit more obvious, I overlooked that link.
  4. Warly Debut Wishlist

    I'm noting that nowhere else on this post does it elaborate how you get these leaves. I'm assuming you meant to put them under the craftable ingredients, but they're not there.
  5. I don't know how to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure you just described cult-like behavior.
  6. Tour The Constant By Air

    You can hear Wheeler crying all the way back in Singleplayer.
  7. I've been looking all over the files, but I can't figure out where the control of the 2d papery waves in RoG and Hamlet is started. If anyone can tell me the filepath, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  8. [Game Update] - 347153

  9. The new and improved Wes rework, circa 2024. Also, I managed to hack into Future Klei's servers and find this draft of a forum post for a Return of Them update.
  10. IIRC both DS and DST are 32-bit, which probably has something to do with it due to the hard 4GB memory limit for 32-bit applications.
  11. When Pigs Fly

    I, for one, accept our new overlords.
  12. It's already got ambience, a new working and fight track would be great! Maybe even a boss/EFS track. It'd be even more above and beyond if there were lunar versions of all seasonal work/fight/EFS tracks.
  13. More of City-building simulator?

    Yes please, I'm tired of being mobbed by pigs every eight days, this would make me actually want to build pig houses.
  14. If only you were playing Hamlet instead of DST. That'd be worth... 14 slots krampus sack, plus 15 slots hotbar, plus another on your mouse is 30 slots.. all 30 slots have full stacks, so that's 30*40 = 1200 stingers. Each stinger would sell for 3 oincs, so you'd make a profit of... 3,600 Oincs. And yet, because you're playing DST, they're utterly useless.
  15. [Game Update] - 342138

    It generates as part of the overworld. The animation only plays when caves are not enabled, due to the way the game handles cave servers; It creates a dedicated server, which you then connect to as a client. In contrast, an overworld-only server runs in the exact same process, and thus shows the animation during worldgen like singleplayer. Basically, in a non-caves server, after the "day" and "night" phases of the worldgen "planet", there's the pebble beach, followed by the moon.