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  1. I mean, have you seen any other Canadians in DST's Earth?
  2. As if mapping the world didn't already take long enough.
  3. Throwing my support in for this idea. Seeing the mockups people have made with walls fills me with great joy and actual hope for this sort of thing being able to happen.
  4. Carl, "Cliff" does not rhyme with "Fall."
  5. I suppose you could say, By falling off that Cliff, She became a Stiff.
  6. Yeah, there's no way it's not Wendy.
  7. I think there was a fanfiction based off that concept.
  8. Don't misinterpret the Mohs hardness scale. It refers to the material's resistance to being scratched, not resistance to breakage. Diamonds are practically impossible to scratch, but they can break much more easily than popular culture lets on. That's not really a contradiction to me. The light it emits doesn't necessarily have to match the color of the gemstone. That said, she's wrong. The amulet's glow, according to the code[1], is hex code DFD045, decidedly a yellow color with barely any green. [1]Relevant section of code below.
  9. While i'm pretty sure the official stance is that the Winter's Feast voices are not canon, they fit well enough that they're my headcanon for Wilson, Willow, and Webber.
  10. [Game Update] - 380289

    This, here? This is why I like Klei.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    serious answer to a joking question: I'd imagine tentacle spots are very waterproof (which is why they're a component of the rain jacket), so it only makes sense that a merm house would also want to be similarly protected. and an obligatory meme so i'm not totally off-topic:
  12. oh boy, petty arguments, the klei forum aesthetic Can I get an animation for the salt formations regrowing?
  13. [Game Update] - 368667

    Please, please, PLEASE add an option to re-enable it or something! I'd love to have an option for a fully re-done soundtrack to represent Charlie's reign!
  14. I'd imagine it would approach similarly to the BFB from Hamlet -- a shadow that slowly grows as it approaches.
  15. Just recently, I've been having trouble in a world of mine. For some reason, when I attempt to chop down an evergreen near a Totally Normal Tree set piece, the server instantly crashes on the first chop, disconnecting me. Relevant part of server_log.lua attached inside spoiler. Was playing with mods enabled, but none altered the evergreen prefab (except for a changed drops mod, which has worked fine in the past.) EDIT: Non-player chops also cause the server to fall down (e.g. a meteor.)