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  1. Honestly, multiple things made with Cut Stone seem to magically transform said stone into sheets of metal. (Ice Box, Wagstaff's stuff in singleplayer, arguably Endothermic Fire Pit) According to Wickerbottom, it's a variation of Zoisite (improperly spelled as Ziosite for some reason), which I think makes it a crystalline mineral (in massive habit, since it's opaque.)
  2. I kind of figured from the way the edge of the map works in DST these days that Shipwrecked might be somewhere out there in the ocean, but good luck passing the nightmare waves. Even made a rough "map" of my personal interpretation a while back.
  3. the first entirely iron-hulled warship was made like six decades before wilson was taken to the constant.
  4. Wagstaff continues to cause problems on purpose.
  5. I wonder if the modular upgrades are a thing because the removal and destruction of WX-78's empathy module freed some wire connections up to allow other things to be plugged in.
  6. What, is she piloting BERNIE! like an EVA Unit?
  7. From what I've seen, the tips are written more like diaries or research logs than guides. Perhaps something more like: "I was tired of eating nothing but berries, so I decided to try and cook things together in a crock pot. The result: delicious and filling." -W
  8. crafting from containers turf is now prototyped cheaper boat stuff option descriptions OPTION TO DISABLE ROADS IN WORLDGEN Klei continues to be the best.
  9. Every copy of Don't Starve Together is personalized. Pray you don't encounter The Pelontrix Apparition.
  10. Not getting the end table skin on login. Did anyone else get theirs properly?
  11. 50 sanity for jelly salad?? that's ridiculous, it should be like 20 sanity AT MOST, especially with the alternative sources of leafy meat in DST.
  12. so, how did that work? because i'm legitimately curious how the code would accidentally cause such an effect.