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  1. Please, please, PLEASE add an option to re-enable it or something! I'd love to have an option for a fully re-done soundtrack to represent Charlie's reign!
  2. Prediction: The locomotion were-form will be able to swim, and it'll be a were-platypus.
  3. Wortox is unbalanced

  4. Guide to finding the lunar island: 1. Outline your entire map. 2. Look for two unnaturally flat coasts. 3. Draw two lines away from them, perpendicular to the coast. Where the two lines cross will almost always be near or on some part of the lunar island. Example:
  5. two days after the full release of turn of tides, we're already going full hiatus-mode cursed threads.
  6. w- b- HOW?! (imagine turfing all of that by hand)
  7. I mean, after his living artifact quote, are you really surprised?
  8. I don't know how to break it to you, but neither of those items have many uses much more important. Moon rock, outside of making moonlenses, is only useful for building walls (honestly needless since its "special effects" seem to be more PvP-based, and thulecite is easier to cheese (Unless you can do the dragon-scale turf trick on the moonrock wall item with the green staff. will have to test this.) Outside of making a Shadow Manipulator (Often a one-time investment for most cases), its only other uses are the Bat Bat (extremely situational weapon), the nightmare amulet (usefulness is debatable, but you're probably not going to be running through them), the moonlens(for ocuvigil), and the telelocator staff/fueling telelocator focus (admittedly uses quite a lot of purple gems, but your mileage may vary) Your main use for moonrocks outside of the idols would probably be making ocuvigils or *shudder* the lazy deserter, but the ocuvigil is only really useful if you expect to lose a lot of map progress or are getting new players. Your main use for purple gems varies, but you'll probably spend a majority of them on either ocuvigils or making a telelocation network for boss cheesing.
  9. I can get it real quick, hang on. Will edit this post when done. EDIT: here you go bucko. you better pay for my medical bills for carpal tunnel First quote is upon eating the meal, second quote is for when the effect expires. Volt Goat Chaud-Froid (Electric Attacks) Chili Flakes (Attack +20%) Garlic Powder (+33% defense) Honey Crystals (2x work efficiency) Fish Cordon Bleu (Wetness Immunity)
  10. This would make me actually play Woodie.
  11. I'd imagine it would approach similarly to the BFB from Hamlet -- a shadow that slowly grows as it approaches.
  12. I, uh. Wow. I'm staying far away from whatever this is.
  13. Just recently, I've been having trouble in a world of mine. For some reason, when I attempt to chop down an evergreen near a Totally Normal Tree set piece, the server instantly crashes on the first chop, disconnecting me. Relevant part of server_log.lua attached inside spoiler. Was playing with mods enabled, but none altered the evergreen prefab (except for a changed drops mod, which has worked fine in the past.) EDIT: Non-player chops also cause the server to fall down (e.g. a meteor.)
  14. POLL: What color would you like Tall Grass to be?

    I'd personally say yellow. I'm under the impression one of the main reasons Shipwrecked's grass was green was to make it contrast against beach turf.
  15. Sea Bones

    That second one looks like a blunt Swordfish. No wonder it died.