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  1. Mainly the art, I think I could code it just fine.
  2. I will pay if someone can use this as a reference to make a custom character for me! Ability to grow a beard is a must! I would like it to be similar to Woodie (doesn't need to change into a werebeaver thing though)
  3. Is there any way to do this currently? Whether by con command or adding a piece of code?
  4. Would really like to know from the devs or anyone who has more insight about the status of the dedicated server files. If any of the dev team at Klei read this I would really love to even get early access to help test if possible. I run a gaming community and we have roughly 20 people in our community that really want a dedicated server for DST. We already have a Windows Dedicated server that we host Garry's Mod servers on so we are definitely ready to go asap!
  5. I would say initially the announcement thing and admin mod would be the most important at the moment to me. lol clearly you must have had some odd experiences with this stuff, point systems and leveling systems add some nice new elements to games.
  6. -Party/Team/Group Mod Especially for pvp servers this would be really nice. No damage to players on your party/team/group, share gates with only party members , etc... -Announcement Mod Something using the c_announce(msg, interval) con command. Would use this for messages such as "Thanks for Playing on Frustrated Gamers Together, join our forum at frustratedgamers.com" -Some sort of Admin mod in general would be nice, something similar to ULX which is used in Garry's Mod would be nice -SQL Connector -Points/shop System -Leveling system