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  1. Now that DST is out... Anybody up for insanely twisted potentailly-pvp multiplayer fun?

    1. Blueberrys


      You gotta take care of blocked (not connected with other blobs) corners/edges first, then find the ones that will make big reactions. Pick a color and focus on it. Try not to rotate other colors unless absolutely needed.

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  2. are white dragons your favorite?

    1. Blueberrys


      Uh, I guess so. Maybe. I just liked the pic.

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  3. I'm out of ideas for modicons.

    1. Blueberrys


      Ahaha. I needed one for a new mod, "Mod Manager". Kinda like my Mod Toggler on steroids. How: Something that's relevant to the mod. When: About now. Badly: Not at all. Bucks: Can't be bothered to pay for this, I just threw together something small and quick.

      Thanks for the offer, though!

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  4. oh damn, that was a successful hiatus. So successful in fact, I even got a whole bunch of opportunities for fun fuzzlemuzzle and muniez. TLGDR I'm gonna be hardly any existant here from now on.