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  1. 16 minutes ago, Sketched_Philo said:

    I would've never thought of it, so now that I know of it I'll reveal @Hobgoblino's findings.

    (Spoilers again)

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    So, there is a new Toadstool fight with better drops. To activate this fight, have a sick canary explode over Toadstool's mushroom right before you chop it. I haven't seen it myself, but it has about 5-6 digit health, and is guaranteed to drop 2 blueprints, a glowcap, and the blueprint for the napsack.

    He has dubbed it "Edgy Toadstool". Not to be confused with the significantly less appealing, "Edgy R-


    Did I miss some sort of Canary update? Since when can a canary explode?

  2. 11 hours ago, Sudura2017 said:

    Major spoilers for said new character:

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    She mentions she works in a factory a lot, and the only factory in the DS universe is Wagstaff's. Voxola. In Voxola they made Radios & more-or-less confirmed, WX-78. Clockworks aren't out of the question. Seems she was part of Voxola and worked on her own Clockwork.


    Wow, good eye. I didn't even know there was lore behind the radios. Winona makes lots of references to WX-78 as a "broken robot that has violence in its programming" and references all the clockworks as "a perversion of engineering." However when she sees Bernie active she has a quote "Oh, is that a clockwork?" So she knows what a clockwork is, and the radios, WX and the new Clockwork chess pieces are all made out of that material. Maybe Winona is the new version of Wagstaff (the concept of a character linked to engineering). She keeps mentioning its a Voxola and that it can only be worked in a certain way, and it always seems to be associated with portal building. Maybe that's the reason Charlie needs her, so she can engineer a new portal with the technology.

    Also other fun facts about Winona, she knows Wes in detail, and talks about Wendy and Webber like she knows them as little kids. Also all her lines when interacting with the world keep poking fun at Charlie as a god (when lightning strikes her and misses, she goes "Now you gotta kiss me!") Also she hates Maxwell, and keeps commenting on his relentlessness attempts to control people, probably related to the radio. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Astroknot said:
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    Potential spoilers ahead!

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    Maybe Winona will have a built in construction amulet perk? She is a engineer after all so it would make sense for her to be more adept at crafting things. (Alright maybe Winona would be rather OP, but so is Wickerbottom with the instant crop growing and the sleepytime stories and what not.) EDIT: Maybe to somewhat balance it out the perk would only works on non-magic/ancient related items? I really don't know, I'm just coming up with random ideas.


    Actually if you had some sort of armor/magic repairing item you could use the construction/deconstruction items to your hearts content. It'd be too OP to give someone a built in "use less resources all the time" perk. 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Electroely said:

    The quotes seem to be unrelated to the mod.
    We're just saying you should delete that post because it's giving major spoilers to people. For all we know it coulda been an April Fools prank (if it is I'm gunna cry) and it's not even getting into the game, getting people hyped over nothing (like me)

    I kind of liked seeing the quotes. It was interesting to see the personality and the relationships come out, and if she is real then it'll still be cool to see what she does around everyone else.

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  5. Thinking closer into it, we're starting to see a concrete distinction between The Ancients and the fuel. If the Clockwork pieces were used as the army and there are shadow versions of the clockwork knights, why didn't the Ancients use those? Unless the shadow pieces were tools made by Them and not the ancients, since it drops the shadow atrium, which has to be some tool that the ancients used in necromancy. It seems that steadily the Ancients used fuel only to create technology, and this whole other sort of living shadow thing is a different entity than conventional magic. I hope if there is a lorebomb drop in this it clears up the ancients so to a point where we don't have to guess everything about them because their line is just getting confusing. 

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  6. Interesting thing about the ending lines from the Shadow weaver, apparently a *different* shadow took them. We know that "Them," the shadows that control the nightmare throne/maxwell, and the shadows that the throne bearer uses are two different energies. Shot in the dark but maybe "Them," the overall shadows (The people who sold William Carter his magic supplies, the causers of the San Francisco Earthquake, the controllers of the nightmare throne) were about to use the portal to do something, and those are the people the weaver is afraid of. However, after the Shadow Weaver is killed, their energy doesn't go into the portal, some shadow tentacles pull the Shadow Weaver away. My guess is Charlie is the person who took the Shadow Weaver away, to use it for some sort of magic, and left a rose to show us she did it, and that's why the portal didn't fully open. 

            "Who are you?"
            "Release me, shade!"
            "You are not Them..."
            "Are you so easily deceived? Ha..."
            "You deserve this.",
            "You've made your choice."

    We're all just pawns being used by Charlie to do her dirty work in the Atrium, and now the Weaver is a pawn too.

    Fun tip though, the Atrium is the word for "heart," close to the name of an ancient Greek king, and also the main room of a roman country home. If we ever get into a word puzzle just looks for this based on "Atreu," roman homes or the concept of the heart of Rome. 

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  7. I think there might be a way to tie in the theory that thulecite was created by some sort of interaction with the bug statues we see now and nightmare fuel, along with a theory about the ancients 

    Also I'm not OK with the weaver being one giant pun. He equates everything to cloth and uses specifically adjectives related to cloth to describe dimensions and the world. Shot in the dark but maybe the fuelweaver is the person/part of a group that built the original portal, going off the theory that the world is like cloth. If a makeshift portal can teleport Wilson into Don't Starve, or summon more players just using wood and some blood, maybe thulecite and heavy duty nightmare fuel makes a portal that can transport large items/people/entire armies across dimensions. Or maybe even make a two way portal (since all of our current portals are one-way). Sounds like a recipe for an interdimensional empire, or a gateway big enough to let in *them* into the Don't Starve world. 

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  8. Cool thing about the boss is, it talks. The portal gets reactivated from the boss fight and the boss keeps talking about ominous invaders while shadows try to force open the portal. I'd tell more but currently I can't actually kill the boss, it has some weird shadow shield around it and I can't break through. Maybe bugged boss, not sure if I'm just suppose to have something to break through it.