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  1. My years old topic is kinda too old to use and a lot of the links are broken so I thought that I'd start a brand new one! I use to to be called Timmathy but now I'm trying to convert over to my stream name 2Kawaii2Die. (Same old weeb! New skin!) Anyway I got a few emotes that I was trying to add for my twitch beans. They are all of my favorite clown boi, Wes! I hope you all like 'em. <3
  2. Carrat in bird cage

    Pro Tip: Don't go insane! XD That's hilarious I usually don't have that problem. Ohhh I wonder if you can make a "safe zone" on candy island with the bunny pen.
  3. Carrat in bird cage

    I think being able to show them off would be neato! I use to have a fenced off area where I'd put a bunch of bunnies that I liked. <3
  4. So are you still making mods for Dts?

    and if so do you do characters?

  5. Tim's Art Den

    Oh I really want to. As you could probably tell I enjoy taking off on long hiatuses. I still do art and am planning to come back very soon. I'm usually on the DS amino.
  6. Tim's Art Den

    "*Sniff* I..I know she's a touch gal.. but... I just can't help but worry..." little wuss baby
  7. Tim's Art Den

    @Quoth143 Awwww I love him, he's cute! like a creepy uncle kinda cute but still cute. I don't wanna be rude but he looks like he could be Wilson's dad. A great inventor. -squee- I just draw and don't explain anything anymore. Keep it hush hush, I don't wanna die. *Le Cry*
  8. Tim's Art Den

    That's why she left the fandom.. I was like... oh no.. WHY!???? So I try and stay safe. Only if you have them with main characters. I think? Ohhh Who is the Albert? I love other ocs! I actually wanted to mod the singing in the game but I don't know how. (Is terrible at any sort of programing) Wigfrid is all rough and tough! LAUGHS IN THE FACE OF ENEMIES! But.... Timmathy is to soft to see any of his friends get hurt.... ohh such cry baby...
  9. Tim's Art Den

    ALIVE I made two versions of this one for each Au. (I don't feel like explaining TimTim unless you wanted to RP with him. As I don't wanna get hated on like ZombiDJ). ANYWHOOO~! Tim loves to sing.. all day, all night, won't shut the hell up. His favorite music is Jazz, and if he was alive during today, he would probably sing horrible pandering pop songs. Though he is annoying he does in fact have quite a good singing voice. In the game he would be voiced by a Piccolo Trumpet. (Now to whip myself to finish the dang mod.... -_- ) DEAD
  10. Tim's Art Den

    The game and DST, I love the expansion, it has a few kinks that need to be worked out. And DST runs SOOOOO much smoother now. Gosh when it first came out it was impossible... ugg... like lag, OP Willows, EVERYTHING. But now it's bareable and fun~!
  11. Tim's Art Den

    "Have faith in you dreams and one day your rainbow will come smiling through!" I often sing that when I have troubles. And shhh *pap* you didn't do anything. Ohh boy it's been a good 2 years since I've really tried to come back to this place. But golly gee wilikars the updates and everything just got so better I had to come back!!
  12. Tim's Art Den

    Oh good hehe! I'm not that forgettable that's nice to know. Yeah I'm just really trying to get back into this fandom. And I saw you playing so I was like OH! I should drop by and say hello. And I did. Oh dear, well everyone has somewhere to be now a days.
  13. Tim's Art Den

    I was playing on your server yesterday as Willow. But I don't know, I didn't really say anything... I uh. Yeah. Heheeh you can't leave the DS universe, you're there for eternity. Endlessly looping... It's hell don't you know? Whoza what?
  14. Tim's Art Den

    Isn't it the best advice Darling~? Thank you, ohhh.... no you don't it's terrible stab it with a spear... X'< OH MOON-GODDESS THERE IT IS! BURN BURN IT WITH FIRE!!! I felt like none of his pin-ups did him justice so I made a new one.
  15. Tim's Art Den

    Oh thank you very much and yes it's been a while. Hey there! Heheeh thank you ~ <3