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  1. Best strategy for this game ?

    The best competitive start is: Week 1: Gather 1/2x flint, build one Axe, gather 20 woods, 40 grasses, 40 twigs, then explore till you find 1 gold mine OR 1 golddigger, get science machine, RUSH BACKPACK, and then get 20x gold, 40 stones, and 40 flints at least, all the while grabbing stuff of importance in your journey. --> Find then 4x rabbit holes close to each other, in the same biome than beefalo herds (at least 4/5 beefaloes). Do a firepit in front of these 4. Put rabbit traps on the hole. Start of Week 2 if you didn't find it before! Rush for 1x gear as soon as possible to build a fridge box. It's a VITAL item. If you can get all of these in 7-10 days, you have an optimal start. The backpack rush is the strongest start in this game, abuse it each time.