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  1. this line disappeared from main.lua in 5th november update. but we've added it back and everything works for us. thats why i were confused about "new location".
  2. add it manually. also your screenshot says you were opening settings.ini. i thought that line needed to be added to main.lua:
  3. there are option in config file about using Cloud Saves. maybe you can enable it and it'll solve your problem? idk. can't check cause i haven't got a key yet.
  4. but why are you calling it "Griefing"? it's part of the gameplay. just enjoy it. stop whining about how disappointed you are about other people behavior.
  5. just as i told before on the other topic - i think this solution is bad. there must be no roll backs. cuz it'll make the things worse. imagine the situation - i, as a stranger, join someone's server, we played and then something happens (like activating fridge-trap, accidental lightning or ect). server's host just bans me(or any other player he don't know to abuse the rollback and reverse the bad things that happened to him. and if it's possible theoretically - it may ruin gameplay experience for some players. who don't wanna join other's server just to be banned for nothing.