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  1. Always keep a stack of grass/flint/stone/wood/twigs in your inventory. Your first goal is to gather at least a half-stack of everything except flint. Your second goal is to find gold to get your science buildings started. And finally, find a location where several roads cross, as it is likely near the center of the map, and start your base. Once your base is started, a good goal is to get your farming started to make life significantly easier. Using a shovel, dig up (30) twig trees, (30) grass tufts, and (10) berry bushes and plant them near your base. Pinecones/Birch Seeds can be planted near base to make your own forest as well. After that, go spider hunting for some silk so that you can make bug nets/tents. Catch some bees, make yourself a honey farm with 3+ bee huts (I forget what it's called atm). In winter, your main goal is to make boomerangs and farm Azure Feathers from blue birds and save up ice to make the science machine that douses fires in your base. In Spring/Fall, a good goal is to farm enough Beefalo fur to make winter clothes. In summer, a good goal is to try to farm beard shavings from beardlings (rabbits while you are close to 0 sanity). Good luck!