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  1. I played all Klei games on PC. I recently bought an iPad Pro and bought the Invisible Inc. is from App Store. It's great to play this masterpiece on the go. But, the Contingency Plan DLC is not included which makes me so sad. I read this so is there any news from Klei after this? It's good to know if the plan is still going on or it's dead. Really hope to have full Invisible experience on my iPad. Thanks
  2. Alright I tested myself. Non-ASCII is currently not supported now. I'm willing to make a Chinese translation mod. I really hope such this great game can support non-ASCII characters so that I can provide a Chinese mod to Chinese players. Com'on dev. It's been over a year since you said non-ASCII is in plan (though not priority). This should be awesome for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more other country's players who read non-ASCII language.
  3. It's been a year now. Does the game support non-ASCII characters now?