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  1. Oh... this anime/manga, I never watched/read it, just heard from my friends. Maybe the One Piece creator did that on purpose then =P
  2. Thanks @rezecib! This character looks pretty good. It's like an oriental swordsman version of Zorro but blind? Is that why it's called ZORO? Hehe. I might try it. Well done @rons0n,!
  3. Which character are you working on? I'm curious. Is it Dare Devil? LOL
  4. Hello guys! I loved the screenshots of Hero in the dark. I read the FAQ and it really made me interested. There is one thing that wasn't there and I wanna suggest you guys. Add to the FAQ page "Is this mod going to be compatible with Don't Starve Together?" I wonder how many people asked the same thing and couldn't get an answer.
  5. Love the comic art! Keep working on it!
  6. The contrast isn't quite good. I barely can see the art over the borders. Polish it and it's ready to go