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  1. I noticed something similar as well. I think the spawning changed for them. As of now, you can kill a pig, and hammer his house down and another pig usually emerges. Seems like the respawn timer has been lowered alot. More pig skins/meat though so thats good.
  2. Exactly. Second post in this thread reporting bugs for things that aren't implemented yet. Current known issues: Bearger, Dragonfly, and Goosemoose (Moosegoose?) are still missing, they'll show up sometime soon though!
  3. I thought they morph regardless depending on if you are insane or sane?
  4. You must be talking about the flingomatic, and its not a new addition. Nor have its mechanics changed besides the off/on switch. I'd suggest you look at what was added in the DLC (ROG) for Don't Starve vanilla. The "new addition" is a water balloon, which has limited range and limited availability due to requiring mosquito sacks.
  5. Hey there. I look forward to trying out the game changes. I'm curious ( and maybe you can update the post,) on what exactly is the "smothering mechanic"? How does it work? Have you guys considered allowing upgraded stone walls to blocking the spread of fire? Seems like it would be a good reason to build walls then around farms ect. Also for the flingomatic, what does "emergency mode" do? Keep up the good work.
  6. Thats the issue with mod and these unstable branches. Best approach would be process of elimination and start removing ones that aren't hud related first, and then go from there. I haven't had any issues with any of these: always on status minimap, health info smarter crockpot bee nice gesture wheel global player icons
  7. Same, sorta. What I've done successfully the last few times, is have a fire pit set up a bit away from the base, near a road for easy access. When I hear the grumbling sound, I simply bolt for the firepit and wait for him to show up. I think after the 3rd or 4th? growl he will show up and destroy the fire pit, or whatever other buildings nearby. At this point I run away from him up the road and every time he seems to despawn. I thought the same thing in that he would make his way to the main base since that was where I initially was located. It seems after he destroys something though, and with nothing else to interact with, he goes away. Could be for balance? Oh, and I noticed as well, that I, (host) could hear the grumbling, but my friend (client), who was a ways away, heard nothing at all. So maybe its only in proximity that you can hear it. Was this different in vanilla ROG?
  8. I have yet to see the majority of any of these bugs that people have reported with exception to the charcoal from trees, which is hardly anything. I bet alot the "bug reporters" are running old worlds after the game has been updated and are running a crap load of mods. Reporting errors for an unstable beta while you are running 20 unsupported mods is completely UNRELIABLE. Your bugs/errors could very well likely be do to something you are running locally, yet we will never now. Hence the unreliablity aspect.
  9. Buzzards should spawn in open areas; desert/rock biomes. They are scavengers and perfer open areas to scour for carcasses.