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    Awesome, thanks! And the ingredients look good - I really like that it uses a Tailbird egg, because I've never bothered with Tailbirds before. They seemed more trouble than they were worth, given how easy it is to get normal eggs (monster meat + birdcage.) This will give me a reason to bother the Tailbirds, and maybe hatch some from eggs to produce more (though I'm unclear if that's worth it, as the Wiki seems to suggest that Tailbirds only grow and nest if their parent is already dead? So there will never be more Tailbirds in the world than the original number of generated nests? If so, that's a shame - and would be a good idea for a mod - enable Tailbird farming!) Subscribed on Steam. Thanks again!
  2. TheBloke


    Looks cool, thanks! Could you list the construction recipes? And the damage stats would be helpful - I see they're "more than gunpowder" which means 200+, but would be helpful to know exactly how much. I've 5-starred it before download to counteract the 1 star idiot. I'll give it a go tomorrow hopefully! Thanks for all your great mods and especially for continuing to mod the game. I'm very new to DS and was greatly pleased to see the large number of mods available, but also it seemed like the number of new mods/updates has slowed down quite a bit relative to a few months ago? It's great to see talented modders are still adding new content!
  3. I like the idea, but my feeling is that just adding extra drops to the birdcage, without any downsides, is a bit OP. I realise I can make them rare, but still it means that I just get extra stuff, at no cost. I already felt that the birdcage in the base game is a bit OP - turning any spoiled meat, and monster meat, into eggs from which I can create bacon and eggs; plus selective farming. What I think would make this mod perfect is if it also added (configurable) downsides to the birdcage. The most obvious one would be that the bird dies after a certain, random period of time, and that it's more likely to die the less it's fed. For example: birds have a 10% chance to die on each day, but each successive day that the bird has not been fed increases the chance by another 10%. So a non-fed bird has a 10% chance to die on day one, 20% on day two, 30% on day three, and so on. With that system, birds that are fed every day will die on average after 10 days. Birds that are fed every other day will die on average after 6-7 days. And if a bird is never fed it will on average only last around 3 days. If that system were put in place, the birdcage would be more balanced - requiring the player to keep bird traps around to keep replenishing the cage. And then I would think it would be awesome to add some extra drops to the cage, to balance out the new disadvantages. I would definitely use the mod if it had those extra costs as well as the benefits. (It would also fit with the name of this mod, "Time Based" = gives a time limit to caged bird's life, as well as time limits on feather drops!) I understand if that's not the direction that you want to go with the mod. Either way, thanks for reading and for providing great mods for the game (I use and absolutely love Wormhole Markers and Wall Gates, and I just discovered and downloaded Telestone!)
  4. Thanks so much for this mod, I love it - very useful. I find it very frustrating to accidentally create wet goop, such that I was always checking the Wiki page before making anything. It's much better being able to check in game, so now that I can I tend to experiment more rather than just browsing the Wiki recipes. Thanks also to unixway, I was able to get the mod to work by applying his patch. (Great username BTW; I'm a UNIX sysadmin myself ) If the author is still around it'd be awesome if it could get an update with that patch applied, and the API version updated etc - then everyone could enjoy it without needing to know how to patch files. But it's working now for me anyhow, so thanks again!
  5. Just to add that this mod looks really awesome and I wish I could use it, but I really don't want to go without RPG HUD. I'm using the latest RPG Neat All-In-One, and I don't get any Season Clock displayed at all, so I disabled it for now. Thanks in advance if you do manage to get a version released that supports RPG HUD!
  6. I've got about 15 mods installed, and this is hands down the best and most important. Thank you SO much for this. I've been playing the game about a week, and really enjoying it, but the default UI really started to bother me. I couldn't understand why the devs didn't implement standard RTS behaviour like being able to queue actions. Well this mod fixed all that, and is making the game a joy to play - especially when I'm chopping down 20 trees then picking up 60+ logs/cones afterwards, whichwould be so tedious manually! So thanks so much for this! I have two feature requests, which for me at least would make the mod even more helpful and awesome if you would consider adding them: 1. Auto Equip I am using another mod, called Auto Equip. What that does is allow me to action any tree, rock, diggable, etc, and as long as I have an axe, pickaxe, spade, etc, it will automatically equip it first. Understandably, this doesn't integrate perfectly with Action Queue. So my request is, could you add an Auto Equip feature to your mod? Ideally it should be togglable via a keyboard shortcut. Example: The game starts with auto-equip disabled, which functions just like now. Then I press 'A' to enable auto-equip. I then draw a box around three trees, two rocks, some logs, and some tree stumps. The character will then: collect the logs, switch to axe and chop the trees, then switch to pickaxe and mine the rocks, then switch to spade and dig the stumps. When all that is done, the character will re-equip whatever item s/he had equipped beforehand. This behaviour can't be the default, because it's important to be able to choose just to collect stuff on the ground without chopping/mining nearby trees/rocks. Hence the keyboard shortcut to quickly enable it only when I know I want to action everything in a given area, then disable it again afterwards. 2. Keyboard shortcuts for 'auto collect in nearby area' and 'auto collect in previous area' Add a keyboard shortcut, let's say C (for 'collect'.) When pressed, it automatically draws a box (same style as the shift-drag box) centred on my character. Default size is perhaps the size of four turf squares. If I press C again (within 1-2 seconds), it draws a slightly larger box. I can keep tapping C several times to increase the size of the box, up to the full size of the screen. Once I stop pressing C, my character auto collects everything in the area defined by the square I was finished with. Second shortcut, let's say P (for 'previous area collect'.) When pressed, it re-draws the last selection box that I created myself (using shift-drag), in the same size and place, and then auto-collects in this area. If the last selection box created was in an area not currently visible on screen, then do nothing. Also maybe have a timeout, so don't repeat the previous box if it was created more than 30 seconds ago, or similar. In both cases (C and P shortcuts), if the character already has queued actions, these collect actions are appended to the current queue. Why is this useful? : - I've just dragged a box around a whole bunch of trees to chop them, creating a huge mass of logs. When I have finished chopping, I simply hit P and this will re-draw the same sized box, in the same place, and queue up a mass collect. So with one quick key, I can queue the collection of all those logs I just chopped. Ditto rocks/flints/nitre from mining, etc. - I've just killed a bunch of mobs, leaving a load of meat/silk/teeth/etc on the ground. I can tap C once or a couple of times to quickly queue the collection of all the loot, without having to manually drag a box. - I'm in a dense forest and need some logs. I can quickly tap C a couple of times to chop down a bunch of them near to me, without drawing a manual box. Then I can hit P to collect in the same area, collecting all the logs/pine cones that I just chopped. Thanks again for a great mod and for reading my requests!