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  1. Really awesome update!! Loving the new additions of Dr. Xu and Nika to the agent roster. Been waiting on an update like this for quite some time. Speaking of just ran into a bug(?) in which I went into a Detention Center rescue mission. Had 4 agents going in (Deckard, Internationale, Banks, and Nika whom I just rescued in a Detention Center just prior to this one) and much to my surprise and enjoyment discovered another agent Dr. Xu. I rescued him going through the mission with FIVE agents. Once I reached the elevator as you recall it has a space of only four tiles so I sent Deckard out first. After the elevator came back I placed the others in and exited however the game won't allow me to finish the mission. The mission report is blank showing none of my stats for the current mission and I can continuously keep pressing the continue button and it makes the sound but doesn't take me to the mission selection screen/upgrade agents screen.The blue bar for the Mission Report reads File432453. Also in my agent list it shows Dr. Xu, Deckard, Internationale, and Banks but not Nika.