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  1. Okay, hold the phone! This! This right here! Abigail Lillian Carter CARTER! IT'S CONFIRMED, WENDY IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO MAXWELL Not even mentioning the guy in the animation, Maxwell's brother i believe. THIS IS THE LORE I WANTED
  2. I've had a chance to see how beta looks like, and i'm super excited when it gets fully implemented in the game! That being said,
  3. Doing a double meme this time, so double enjoy it
  4. Okay, so uhm, remember the last update i posted? Yeah, i kinda scrapped that idea, realized it's far too complicated for me to finish off (I wanted to draw a fight between Wendy and Klaus) and instead went for something simpler Not too long ago i've discovered an interesting clothing combination for Wendy that i really like and decided to draw her wearing it Please do me a favor and don't question her bust size it just fit more her costume like that okay i'm not perverted i'm not a bad person I've also tried hard to shade it, but after a few (hundred) failed attempts i gave up on the idea, even with the help of my artist friend, who tried her best showing me how to do it. I hope one day i'll learn how to shade but for now it remains as unachievable as learning quantum physics as a toddler She also shaded it on her own, and it honestly looked so cool i want to leave it here as well
  5. Sigh... obviously ends before i get the paycheck, right as i got no money on me...
  6. I seem to be constantly being disconnected when playing on servers, within anywhere between one to three minutes after joining Everything was working fine just yesterday, but today network no longer seems to cooperate, i tried restarting router as well I must mention, it's not the first time it happened too, this random disconnects were occuring before, but usualy restarting router worked fine Edit: Aaaaand it seems to be working fine now, just like that
  7. Believe it or not, this took me like 2 hours to finish
  8. ...What are people angry about again? That you can buy the event skins for money? ...But you guys do realize that they're just as droppable as every other skin in game, right? Sure, theyre avaible only during the event, but paying for them is just another option for getting them that isnt required. Overally, im super hyped for all of this coming out, can't wait~
  9. Hello, after a long period of time i've decided to try and draw something again, but this time, i'll actively post progress here and see if anyone got any tips Trying not to spoil too much, for now i'll show how's the character lineart going along:
  10. Hey guys, have you seen that upcoming cartoon, "Villainous"? Is it just me or does the black hat reminds me a lot of Maxwell? ... Cmon. Do it. Someone remake it into DST characters. I dare you.
  11. Thanks guys, i'm not really an artist, so i don't know if there really will be other stuff to post any time soon, but if i will have something new, i'll be sure to post it here
  12. Hey, a longer while ago i've tried my luck in drawing Wilson, and today i've decided to once again attempt to draw. This time i drew my favourite character, i like to think i've improved myself since last time, used Fire Alpaca and spent about two hours on it. What do you guys think?
  13. I've been wondering about something for quite a while... ...In the resumptus you can see definifely flower of Charlie, but she can't be added to game for her name. For more information i've decided to check the old puzzles, and then it hit me like a train. A letter that Charlie had wrote to Maxwell. What's so special in it? That. This doesn't have to do anything with the puzzle at the moment, but it's a possibility that people should note.
  14. You know guys, there are 2 possibilities: 1. It's a possible teaser for Charlie, DST somehow healed(?) her from the nightmare fuel, so she's no more gruel. In that case, there should be coming soon something that would explain who is now the gruel. Also, they would need to change her name, since this game somehow only accepts characters with names that starts on W or M. 2. The flower is Abigail's, placed next to a Maxwell book can be a symbolic way to show people that Abigal and Maxwell might be linked with eachother. Wendy is a twin sister of Abigail, sooo.... ...Gentelments, it may be just me, but do someone else smell a scent of a new origin story forming up in the air? ( )