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  1. So I hosted a server earlier today hoping I will get nice helpful people joining my server. This was only the second time I tried hosting. Some clever individual thought it would be funny to plant trees all around my base and set fire to them. Before I realized what they were doing they were asking me questions about RoG and whether there's giants and stuff in DST so he probably thought chests and science machines burn too like they do in the expansion. Fortunately they didn't but this person did set fire to all my living logs. The logs that were acquired after my companions died helping me fight a treeguard early-game. Then they just left. The fact that this is happening already is quite disturbing. What will happen in the future when DST is released to the public? When there will be even more griefers? This is what normally happens in games like Minecraft where immature kids have access to the game. But a game like Don't Starve? When DST is still in beta? *shudder* I can't believe there's people that have signed up for the beta and are lucky enough to get in who think it is smart to cause people grief. Especially when as a beta testers we're encouraged to help make the game better for those who have to wait for a long time to play. What sort of ungrateful, inconsiderate person does it take to have a mindset like that? What's that you say? Why don't you lock your server? Well that'd be no fun, I'm better off playing singleplayer than doing that, I have no friends to play with who have DST. Well I'm probably making it out to be worse than it is. I don't know how much of a problem it is at the moment. Maybe I just got very unlucky. Either way I want to know what others think will be a good method to prevent griefing/trolling. Oh and can anyone tell me what the kick command is?
  2. Bug Submission: Category: Graphics Issue Title: Tallbird Egg Issue Description: A cooked tallbird egg will show up as an uncooked egg when placed on the ground. When picked back up it changes back to the cooked art in the inventory. I did not manage to get a screenshot but I will try to reproduce. Steps to Reproduce: Drop cooked tallbird egg.