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  1. I do understand that, but IMO it needs to have some sort of regulation. Im sure mostly none of the far in game things are not being tested due to this. If I was a griefer, I would choose a PvP game to try to mess up (not that I would).
  2. Something has to be done. I own DS and ROG on both PS4 and PC. I am an advanced player, I like to get into the nitty gritty and get to the complicated things. I am so sick of these trolls coming in to a 100+ day server and ruining everything. Ive been playing this game for a VERY long time, and this I completely ruining my experience, im half tempted to resign. suggestion Create a log of users that have joined your server, so that they can be reported. These people DO NOT deserve keys. second suggestion Make an undo command This will promote cheating, but what is the difference when we have access to the console? I am not a cheater and refuse to pull it up. that is why I just start over when everything gets smashed and burnt down. assistance is appreciated, I love Klei and want to remain a customer. The development on this game has been so wonderful.