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  1. I just downloaded an auto-update for Don't Starve Together, and then started my main world. I'm currently a ghost as I quit playing right after dying last time. I opened my map to see where I needed to go, and it was completely black with my character icon in the center. Moving around as a ghost does nothing to populate the map and I have no clue how to get back to the florid postern. Is this fixable?
  2. But if I use a bee box won't they just make honey and not plant new flowers? Or does it work differently from regular flowers?
  3. I read on the wiki that if you release captured bees near a group of evil flowers, they will spawn more making the flowers a renewable resource. Well I tried that, but after releasing the bees they just wandered off. How do I get them to stay in the area of the evil flowers so that they will keep producing more?