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  1. Nice mod! I don't see why people are getting upset about it, games are for people to have fun with and no one forces you to download : P

    If I didn't have "cheating" mods, I would never stay alive for even two whole seasons, so I would get frustrated and quit the game.


    Also, "slaves" = someone who works for you without any money. "Salves" = a healing cream. I don't know if it was on purpose, but it's a funny pun!!

    Oh god thank you for pointing it out

  2. Perhaps make it configurable in the mod settings, that way people can toggle How much they totally ruin the game     how much cheating they want to do     How much health they wish to receive.

    I up dated it sooooooooooooooo now glands are hard to get now sooooooooooooooooo ya sooooooooooooooooooooo have fun :D

  3. This I understand. Overdone and pretty much useless at this point because of balancing.

    I guess a more creative idea for this would be making the healing salve give back a fixed percentage of health, instead of ramping it up.


    Really guys? REALLY? WHY CAN'T YOU TELL HIM HIS MOD SUCK- nevermind..

    But seriously, no constructive criticism? We WANT more modders. "The mods, the merrier." as the ancients once said.

    Then again, I'm not saying to praise him for the almighty mod; just some constructive criticism. We AREN'T THE MAJORITY OF STEAM'S COMMUNITY OF MOD USERS and I sure hope you don't want these forums to turn into that hellhole.

    I know we all can see it is OP, but why not just give criticism that can help the mod go towards a more stable state. This kind of bulls*** is what makes modders not want mod and turns communities into nothing but hatemongers. If we have people acting this way over a beginner's mod, why not just call it a good game now and hop onto steam.

    *I use the steam mod-using community as an example because... this needs no explanation, look at half of the lesser mods people make and you'll see why that community is polar.

    Awww thank you so much for defending me