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  1. I answered some of your questions I had time to.

    1. Code for no sanity loss - raw meat eating My character eating profile looks like this: inst.components.eater.monsterimmune = true inst.components.eater:SetCarnivore(true) inst.components.eater.ignoresspoilage = true You know when you eat raw, not cooked meat - you will loose some sanity. I'm trying but can't figure out the code for preventing that :/ So in general - code for NO sanity loss after eating RAW meat...


    You can modify your character's eater component in wakkari.lua:

    -- Remove sanity penalty from foodinst.components.eater.Eat_orig = inst.components.eater.Eatfunction inst.components.eater:Eat( food )    if self:CanEat(food) and food.components.edible.sanityvalue < 0 then        food.components.edible.sanityvalue = 0    end    return inst.components.eater:Eat_orig(food)end


    3. Recipe - icon of item in the recipe bar (left part of the screen) this is the part of the code with recipe. I need to add the image to the recipe tab but... It just doesn't work. I'm certain that all folders naming is correct. So... is there anything wrong with this code? :/ (calling my item just "item" here so it's easier) local item = Recipe("item", {Ingredient("aaa", 1000)}, RECIPETABS.TOWN, TECH.NONE) hound_recipe.atlas = "images/item.xml" hound_recipe.sortkey = 1 STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.ITEM = "bla bla bla blah."

     I think it should look like this:
    item.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/item.xml")


    4. Beefalos aggro - always when near This is just simple wondering... Do you think there is a way to make ur character hostile to beefalos? Like they are always aggresive towards it, even if not in heat? I read beefalo files several times and seems rather impossible.. but always worth to ask :-)

    You want to modify their retarget function. This can be done by using AddPrefabPostInit in modmain.lua:

    -- Function to make beefalo hostile to characterlocal makeBeefaloHostile = function (prefab)    if prefab.components.combat then        local targetfn_orig = prefab.components.combat.targetfn        local targetfn_new = function(inst)            local target = nil            -- First retarget normally            if targetfn_orig then target = targetfn_orig(inst) end            -- If no target found, target Wakkari            if target == nil then                target = GLOBAL.FindEntity(inst, GLOBAL.TUNING.BEEFALO_TARGET_DIST, function(guy)                    return not guy:HasTag("beefalo") and                            inst.components.combat:CanTarget(guy) and                            not guy:HasTag("wall")                            and guy.prefab == "wakkari"                end)            end            return target        end        prefab.components.combat.targetfn = targetfn_new    endendAddPrefabPostInit("beefalo", makeBeefaloHostile)



    Im having this issue:


    --local sanitychange(inst,data){
     --if inst.components.sanity.current <= 50 then
     --inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1
     --inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 0.75
    local fn = function(inst)
    -- choose which sounds this character will play
    inst.soundsname = "wendy"
    -- Minimap icon
    inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "sari.tex" )
    -- Stats
    inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 0.75
    inst.components.sanity.night_drain_mult = (TUNING.WILSON_SANITY_MULT / 2)
    inst.components.sanity.neg_aura_mult = (TUNING.WILSON_SANITY_MULT / 2)
    --inst:ListenForEvent("SanityTsuki", sanitychange)
    Im trying to build something like Wolfgang, the difference is when she reach 50 of sanity, his dmg multiplier increase to 1.
    where is my error :S? the game crash when I start the mod... and the reason is the linecodes with "--"



    There were a few syntax errors in the function sanitychange. There also isn't a WILSON_SANITY_MULT, so it should be 0.5.


    local function sanitychange(inst,data)    if inst.components.sanity.current <= 50 then        inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1    else        inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 0.75    endendlocal fn = function(inst) -- choose which sounds this character will playinst.soundsname = "wendy" -- Minimap iconinst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "sari.tex" ) -- Statsinst.components.health:SetMaxHealth(150)inst.components.hunger:SetMax(120)inst.components.sanity:SetMax(100)inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 0.75inst.components.sanity.night_drain_mult = 0.5inst.components.sanity.neg_aura_mult = 0.5inst:ListenForEvent("SanityTsuki", sanitychange) end


  3. Hi! I've been working on my own character for a little over a week and finally gotten to the artwork. I'm currently working on the faces. I was wondering what faces number 14 and 23 are for? 14 appears to just be 2 blurred ovals and 23 is a black box. If I don't need to do anything to them please let me know! Otherwise the tutorial has been super helpful! I would have NEVER been able to figure this out on my own!


    Face 14 is the skeleton eyes, seen when getting struck by lightning in RoG. Face 23 seems to be an unimplemented emote.

  4. So when following the tutorials it should look like this right,


    But in game she has speckled white spots and her hair is away from her body. When I recompile her again her head would show but the rest of her body would be invisible.


    Parts being misaligned is usually caused by moving things around in the spriter, or by changing the canvas size without updating the dimensions in the .scml's text. The position of parts are determined by the pivot locations.


    Rendering errors are sometimes caused by an atlas size that tends to glitch out. This template usually renders slightly larger than the glitched size, so it could happen if someone makes some things smaller.



    I'm starting to think that my CMD hates me...

    I'll try to type this as short as I can:


    1. Autocompilation didn't work for me (and I'm certain that all the names, graphics and other stuff are in their places - just yesterday it worked.. today - no).


    2. I tried compilation via command prompt. I typed:

    D:\>Gry\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools\scml.exe"
    (I don't have it on C: drive) and It seems it's something with the "Don't Starve" folder name. How do I write this in CMD if it has spaces and ' thingy after n? (don't) 
    Sorry I'm just dumb about such stuff. Could any of you copy those lines in exactly same way I should type it in command prompt? 
    Also I donno if "D:\>" matters... when I start cmd it says C:. Then I type in "d:" it goes to D with an ">".  
    Once again sorry guys - maybe it's stupid post  :spidercowers:



    You can also drag the files into the command prompt and separate them with spaces.



  6. So when you say don't change the dimensions, do you mean by don't change the canvas size?  Or do you mean don't go beyond the boundaries of what's drawn in the templates provided?


    This is what I got so far and I was thinking maybe I could just fill in a little more of the canvas space a bit for a larger character build, head shape, and face.


    I mean canvas size.

  7. "Open the .scml with Spriter, which comes with Don't Starve Mod Tools"

    Am I missing something? Everyone refers to these Don't Starve Mod tools... and I can not find them anywhere! I am sure I am just being silly.


    Thanks for the awesome guide by the way! Hope I can make my character soon =3



    Alright, after a bit of trial and error, all is well with the mod. I just have one issue now once I get to the end of the tutorial. Where it says to use "Spriter" from the Mod tools for Don't Starve thing... Yeah, I can't find the "Don't Starve Mod Tools" in steam. Does anyone mind giving a link or pointer as to where I can find it? Thanks again! :grin:

    The tutorial has been updated with information on how to get the mod tools.

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  8. hi i just started to try to make my own character and ran into a bit of trouble after trying to test the character the message says


    [string "../mods/workshop-365428010/modmain.lua"]:30: '=' expected near 'rabbit'


    any help would be awesome lol the characters name is frosty rabbit lol

    You didn't leave a space in "frosty rabbit" did you? I would imagine that causing an error.



    Hello; I came across your tutorial and downloaded the Extended Sample Character 1.1.1 and was able to run it just fine on DST.

    I downloaded the Don't Starve Mod Tools on Steam and Notepad++.

    I did ctrl+shift+F to replace esctemplace with yourcharacter and ESCTEMPLATE with YOURCHARACTER, then manually renamed the names of the files to match yourcharacter.  I deleted the .xml files and .tex files and the zip files in the anim folder.  I dragged the folder onto the helper file for it to compile correctly, moved the folder into the Don't Starve mod folder and ran Don't Starve.  Then I moved my folder back to the Don't Starve Together mod folder and ran Don't Starve Together. When I go to Mods and enable the mod, it gives me this error: 




    I understand another user has mentioned having a similar, if not the same, error, but the reply he received was to ignore it and click on "I understand."  When I click on "I understand", I get another error where Steam crashes, as shown in the screenshot.  Then the game crashes.  The game also crashes when I click on "Disable Mods".  


    I have not even begun to attempt to edit the image files.  I can't even get the mod to run after I rename the character and files.


    What am I doing wrong?  ):

    I haven't tried the helper file myself. I put it there at the request of the person who provided it. Could you check if the wallace.tex and wallace.xml has appeared in place of the esctemplate.tex and esctemplate.xml?


    Hey, me again, quick question, there's a lack of ghost sprites being displayed from my custom character, I've tried recompiling but it doesn't appear on screen, and it also lacks a hitbox, any suggestions for a fix?

    I took a look at your mod on the workshop. You want to rename ghost_esctemplate_build as well.

  9. First off, thanks a lot for the reply!


    Secondly, Thanks for telling me how to edit the pivot points, that will come in handy! Now all I need to know is how to, ehem, pin the tail to the chocobo. What I mean is, how to I affix the segments to the main part of the body; like such:




    (Looks better than my first sketches, doesn't it?)


    Now, this isn't indicative of any actual progress, all I did was add "tail-13" ect to the tail directory and tessellate them into place in Spriter. Now, while I appreciate the simplicity of your original suggestion, I believe we can both agree the the tail's behavior in profile POV is awkward. The above image is the kind of behavior I am wanting in the finished mod, all 5 of the tail feathers in the back sharing a pivot point, and three feathers visible on the profile. As far as I can tell this requires me to tell how to pin the pivot points to the layer below them? And also how to move layers up and down on the "z" axis, if it's called that?


    I am kind of pumped about this, actually. I didn't think I'd do so well both qualitatively and quantitatively on the art assets, I should have all the .png's done by tommarrow! If I can get Wark arted, assembled, traited, and tested by Tuesday I would be tickled pink! Also, I was thinking of making the ghost an egg. Do you think that would be funny?


    Finally, is it posible to just edit a charecter's ghost speech file without editing everyones?


    Thanks a lot for the help!


    The template character by default shares the same animations as the standard characters. In order to add a new tail, you may need to give your character custom animations. It's not something I know much about doing, so you may need to check other tutorials if you're considering this.

    The only other alternative I can think of is drawing the tail in the hairpigtails slot instead, and of course this may mean changing image dimensions and pivot locations. This is actually something I did in an earlier version of my Zinnia mod, before I knew an actual tail slot existed. Hairpigtails-0 is only used in the front and back views, while hairpigtails-2 is only used in the profile view. This may result in the tail looking a bit "loose", since the pivots are pinned at the back of the head, but I personally don't think it's too jarring.

    Making the ghost an egg is an interesting idea. I love it.

    I have no idea how to edit a character's ghost speech. I don't even know where the speech file is. :/

    Also, do you mind if I use your tutorial image for finding the mod tools?


  10. Yo Dleo, leme start by saying that you are a real hero and a real human bean! Thanks a lot for your tutorial and your hard work on the sample mod! 


    Now for my question! I am trying to bring a chocobo custom charecter to DST and I have gotten to the art phase of the process, and I could not help but notice that you implemented a tail in the charecter, as well as ears! This is hugely cool because chocobos have tails and ear-like crest feathers! Picture time!


    As you can see, in the frontal and the profile pics, Wark the chocobo has a series of crest feathers on her head, a pair of cheek feathers, and a five pointed feathery tail; better seen in this back photo:


    Sorry the sketches don't sync up super well, they were all free hand on my tablet.


    But as you can see, it probably would make use of the tail, ear, and hair layers of your custom character, but my understanding is that it will have to modify the connection points, right? Now, I have never made a mod ever before, and I started work on your tutorial about 8 hours ago, spending most of that 8 hours working on the speech file! I haven't the faintest on how to go about moving the sockets! Do you have a tutorial on how to do this?


    I know I have a few more questions I really don't know how to ask yet, but this is the one that titillates me the most, because previously the crest was going to be dinky tiny and on the torso layer (like the guy who made the chica fnaf character.)


    I hope you can help a bird out, man!


    I've given plenty of space in the hair area, so I don't see that being much of a problem.

    Though, it's the tail that seems will be tricky. It seems possible, but it's likely going to require quite a bit of modification to the template.

    The tail is divided into six segments, though for your character, it seems that only one segment would be needed. Therefore you would only need tail-0 (normal) and tail-6 (skeleton).

    You'll likely need to change the dimensions and pivots for both of these by editing the .scml with a text editor. The pivots is what defines the position of each part. A pivot of 0 would be at one edge of the image, 1 at the opposite edge, and 0.5 at the center. For my example, I've increased the dimensions to a 300 by 300 square, and set the pivot to the exact center of the image.


    <folder id="14" name="tail">        <file id="0" name="tail/tail-0.png" width="300" height="300" pivot_x="0.5" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="1" name="tail/tail-1.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="2" name="tail/tail-2.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="3" name="tail/tail-3.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="4" name="tail/tail-4.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="5" name="tail/tail-5.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="6" name="tail/tail-6.png" width="300" height="300" pivot_x="0.5" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="7" name="tail/tail-7.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="8" name="tail/tail-8.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="9" name="tail/tail-9.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="10" name="tail/tail-10.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>        <file id="11" name="tail/tail-11.png" width="250" height="100" pivot_x="0.628" pivot_y="0.5"/>    </folder>

    The tail looks the same from all views, which could look weird from the side. But I'll leave that for you to decide.



    tail test.zip

  11. I managed to figure out how to do this for my character. This is what is in my modmain.lua. I hope this helps.

    local resolvefilepath = GLOBAL.resolvefilepathlocal TECH = GLOBAL.TECHlocal CUSTOM_RECIPETABS = GLOBAL.CUSTOM_RECIPETABSCUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOMERANGS = { str = "BOOMERANGS", sort = 998, icon = "boomerangtab.tex", icon_atlas = resolvefilepath("images/hud/boomerangtab.xml") }STRINGS.TABS.BOOMERANGS = "Boomerangs"local rakkyboomerang_recipe = Recipe("rakkyboomerang", { Ingredient("houndstooth", 2), Ingredient("log", 3) }, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOMERANGS, TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, true)local rakkyboomerang_carrot_recipe = Recipe("rakkyboomerang_carrot", { Ingredient("carrot", 4), Ingredient("rope", 1), Ingredient("honey", 4) }, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOMERANGS, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO, nil, nil, nil, nil, true)local rakkyboomerang_feather_recipe = Recipe("rakkyboomerang_feather", { Ingredient("stinger", 4), Ingredient("feather_robin", 4), Ingredient("feather_crow", 4) }, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOMERANGS, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, true)local rakkyboomerang_bat_recipe = Recipe("rakkyboomerang_bat", { Ingredient("monstermeat_dried", 4), Ingredient("livinglog", 2), Ingredient("tentaclespots", 1) }, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOMERANGS, TECH.MAGIC_TWO, nil, nil, nil, nil, true) -- TODO: Change "monstermeat_dried" to "batwing" when batilisks are re-implementedlocal rakkyboomerang_ruins_recipe = Recipe("rakkyboomerang_ruins", { Ingredient("nightmare_timepiece", 1), Ingredient("walrus_tusk", 2), Ingredient("nightmarefuel", 4) }, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOMERANGS, TECH.ANCIENT_FOUR, nil, nil, true, nil, true)rakkyboomerang_recipe.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/rakkyboomerang.xml")rakkyboomerang_feather_recipe.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/rakkyboomerang_feather.xml")rakkyboomerang_carrot_recipe.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/rakkyboomerang_carrot.xml")rakkyboomerang_bat_recipe.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/rakkyboomerang_bat.xml")rakkyboomerang_ruins_recipe.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/rakkyboomerang_ruins.xml")-- Add new tabAddClassPostConstruct("widgets/crafttabs", function(class)    if class.owner:HasTag("boomerangbuilder") then        local v = CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOMERANGS        local k = #class.tab_order + 1        local tab_bg =        {            normal = "tab_normal.tex",            selected = "tab_selected.tex",            highlight = "tab_highlight.tex",            bufferedhighlight = "tab_place.tex",            overlay = "tab_researchable.tex",        }                class.tabs.spacing = 750/k        local tab = class.tabs:AddTab(STRINGS.TABS[v.str], resolvefilepath("images/hud.xml"), v.icon_atlas or resolvefilepath("images/hud.xml"), v.icon, tab_bg.normal, tab_bg.selected, tab_bg.highlight, tab_bg.bufferedhighlight, tab_bg.overlay,                        function() --select fn                if not class.controllercraftingopen then                                        if class.craft_idx_by_tab[k] then                        class.crafting.idx = class.craft_idx_by_tab[k]                    end                    class.crafting:SetFilter(                        function(recipe)                            local rec = GLOBAL.AllRecipes[recipe]                            return rec and rec.tab == v                        end)                                                                                                                class.crafting:Open()                end            end,            function() --deselect fn                class.craft_idx_by_tab[k] = class.crafting.idx                class.crafting:Close()            end)        tab.filter = v        tab.icon = v.icon        tab.icon_atlas = v.icon_atlas or resolvefilepath("images/hud.xml")        tab.tabname = STRINGS.TABS[v.str]        class.tabbyfilter[v] = tab                table.insert(class.tab_order, tab)    endend)


    I messed up the prefab. No idea what is wrong, but I just want her to basically be a copy of Willow's playstyle. Her lighter, her nervous pyro habits, etc. I must be really stupid. It seems like everyone else knows exactly how to do all of this, and I'm over here like "wait where does this go"

    I don't know if you could help, but here's my coding just in case you can:



    I'm assuming TUNING.LOLA_SANITY is not declared. Also, there's already a line that sets max sanity a few lines up.

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  13. Did my best to fix it, and I just can't get the pictures to work. This is what it looks like. Any idea why it's doing this, even though I used the same template provided, and exported it with the same tex tool suggested? Do I need to resize the pictures to be smaller? I don't know how else I'd go about fixing this. Other than that, I'm pretty sure my mod is ready, other than maybe someday a custom animation, and a full rewrite of her script.



    I have not suggested exporting images other than the mod icon to be exported with TEXTool. Textures in the bigportraits and images folders are usually exported by the autocompiler.

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  14. Yes, I change the it so that it matches my directory. Which turns out to be;


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools\scml.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods\thefday\exported\friday\friday.scml" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods\thefday"


    Which gives me the error;


    ERROR: Missing image 'face/face-14.png' referenced by 'friday.scml'.


    I also tried adding a face-14.png image, but it still gave me the same error.


    That's strange. If you open friday.scml with a text editor, you should be able to find this line:

      <file id="14" name="face/face-14.png" width="200" height="200" pivot_x="0.542747" pivot_y="0.570502"/>

    It should look like this. Other than that, I have no idea why your face-14.png is being ignored.