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  1. How'd you come up with this character? Awesome mod! Also, perhaps you could add a back-story for how she ended up in the Don't Starve world? I'm quite curious as to how someone so seemingly innocent ended up caught by Maxwell. Perhaps she broke something she shouldn't have, maybe sucking in another character along with her?

    I have come up with a backstory of how she came to be, which parts are hinted by her in-game quotes. Her story involves a mechanization project malfunctioning and endangering her pack and destroying food sources. She had to resort to eating energy plants, which changed her.


    I would try to add a backstory of how she ended up in Maxwell's world, but I'm afraid of butchering DS lore.

  2. I don't know for sure. Either you haven't drawn the face, or the atlas did not compile correctly. There seems to be a certain atlas size that causes the latter to happen, which has a chance to happen if some parts are deleted from this template.


    EDIT: There does seem to be something strange about the anger emote. I'll look into what is causing this.

  3. 21177lu.jpg


    You forgot about one small emote right after making angry face. It appears only by very short time, but it still looks incomplete. Also there are a lot unnecessary faces in folder "face" (like no.16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27) and some hands and heads are doubles. Is it possible for you to make it more clearly? With those unnecessary things the game is making at last two atlases for it. I'm not good in spritter jet so when I was trying to delete it by myself the game wasn't making any atlas.

    This template is based on what I decompiled from the standard character builds. I'm not quite what sure what the developers planned to do with the duplicates and unused sprites they've added.


    I was also unable to reproduce the missing emote face you're showing.

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  4. if i clear out one png, i cant compile the files. Only way i found was to clear the resulting tex files from unwanted images. Is there maybe a better way to do this?

    By clearing, I mean making the png blank, rather than deleting it. There is a way to be able to delete files, but it requires editing the .scml with a text editor.

  5. Awesome work, Dleowolf! The tail is a very useful addition! I'll go ahead and show you my character if I make any progress, but before I start I have two questions...I noticed that when I opened the .SCML file in Spriter, there was only the base pose. How do I get ahold of the other animations? Also, is EVERYTHING in speech_esctemplate.lua?

    I don't know much about making new character animations. Maybe try decompiling the builds of the default characters to learn how their animations work.


    Speech_esctemplate.lua is simply Wilson's speech file of base DS. You can replace it with another character's speech file. If you want RoG quotes, you may want to use the RoG speech files instead.

  6. Musn't of been exact enough. How did you get a build that supported that?

    I added them from scratch. An animated part needs dimensions and pivot locations in the .scml to build and work with an animation. To get it to appear the way it does in the .scml I provided, I used krane to decompile the initial resulting build, though it wasn't exact and I had to do some manual adjustment afterward.

  7. It doesn't help me eihter, it crashed.

    If it's a crash that happens at the character select screen, that happened in V1.0.2 and should already be fixed in the current version.

    If it crashes somehow else, I may need to see the error log to figure out the problem. It should be located in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt