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  1. Just got two beta keys in the mail! Excitement is plentiful!

  2. Beta key or a Chester in the mail... Which comes first?

  3. My secret: A lot of Tf2 with mind numbing music. Of course I still think about DST, but my thoughts are far from coherent.
  4. Maybe in a pvp server you could use these trees to you advantage. How terrifying would an army of assorted treeguards be? Getting them to attack someone other than you would be a bit tough though.
  5. Beard hair sweaters are no laughing matter.

  6. You know that Chester giveaway advertised on Klei's Twitter? Well, I WON. I cannot contain my excitement!

    1. Strnadik


      Wow, congratulations!! ^-^

  7. Yes... Yes, it's WES! Badum-Tsss (But a talking Wes?) I hope not.
  8. No key for DST beta... For now...