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  1. Also, I have to know, is the guard spawning daemon supposed to spawn a guard every turn? I triggered one and ended up with ~16 elite guards head hunting, needless to say my run didn't make it past that point.
  2. So I just ran into a bug on the "Find the Mole" mission where there was no mole, well the unit was there, but the game didn't register the unit as the mole. So I was kind of stuck in the level. On the plus side I love what you've done with parasite, much better than before while not being too ridiculously efficient, and I never liked lockpick 1.0 and rapier wasn't any better. It's nice to have my favorite starting program back to usable status.
  3. That Parasite nerf is pretty crippling. You already had to wait after you hacked things, now being able to only hack once per turn pretty much means you can't make any headway in a decent amount of time. Post level 2 alarm, hacking with it becomes impractical, and it's near impossible on harder missions. It probably would've been better if you just put a limit on the amount of things that could have a parasite at once.