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  1. otha713

    Wall Gates

    After I installed the mod I keep on getting this message on start up ~~> /wallgates/modmain.lua:4:variable "tech" is not declared What do I need to do?
  2. 12893 downloads

    My first mod, well my first tweak to a mod, I'm kinda a newbie. Tired of having to run back to your base every time you're out and about opening up the map, well never again. With this mod you get 60 Inventory slots and I have moved your equipped slots over top of the inventory for a better veiw. The second pic is of mods I have installed and I know it works with and without any problems. Note! My version of don't starve hasn't been updated in awhile so I am not sure how it will work for everyone with a more updated version. but as far as mine goes it works great with no problems... PS. this was originally the 30 slots mod just tweaked it a lil bit. [( and i would give a thx to the person who uploaded it but can't seem to find it on here any more )]
  3. Need help, this pops up when I try to use the mod /mods/Ezio/modmain.lua : 6: attempt to call `Asset`(a nil value) What do I need to do?
  4. Some things like Reeds~feathers and manure will burn forever when lit on the ground or in my case when I set a forest on fire to harvest charcoal lol, if you could fix this it would be awesome so lil fires will not be lit all over th map, I uninstalled the mod to get the fires out and will just reinstall it later
  5. I have an old non~updated version on one of my laptops, but I can't get the test tools to work, and I kinda remember having to turn something on to get it to work but its been well over a year since I played it any help would be greatful and since my version hasn't been updated will new mods still work??