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  1. 1) Make wildfires not happen outside the screen, or the edge.

    2) Tune up the volume of the smoldering noise.


    As much as I hate them, wildfires are the staple of summer, like freezing is to winter and moisture is to spring.


    Unless you put a hidration component that goes bonkers in summer and requires you to eat veggies/fruits/cactus or get water from ponds or collect water from rain. Or a heatstroke component that makes your sanity go down when your temp is very high, and generates fake resources, hallucinations beyond shadow creatures.


    As for summer rewards, how about having a special wolf like warg spawn in the desert, that drops a special pelt that you can use to make a hammock, that is like a super tent: it has limited uses, restores health, sanity, BUT it slows your hunger drop rate, due to your relaxed state.


    Or make the ice hat not suck (remove the movement drop, make it so it negates overheating, make it so you can't recharge it with ice) and make it require hair from that special wolf.


    honestly I really like removing the burning sensations, and including dehydration in some way, shape, or form.


    EDIT: I mean how many places on earth can you think of where things randomly catch fire in the summer? I've only got one in my head, but I can think of a ton of places where you can freeze to death in winter in half a day (24h) if you're not wearing winter clothes.


    I'm not asking for absolute realism here, but dehydration would make a ton more sense than stuff randomly catching fire and the heat killing you as much as it does. (plus, I would actually leave my tiny camp in the summer if stuff didn't just randomly catch fire when I left, as it stands, the punishment for leaving in the summer is just too great and I can just sleep through it)


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  2. For Locked Chests maybe? Aside from the locked doors idea. Hmm... I wonder when they'll incorporate these in-game. Thanks for sharing what you found.


    I can see it now


    I lock my door, thinking I'll be safe when a willow comes along with a hammer/lighter and just hammers the wall segment next to the door, or lights the whole place on fire.

  3. Well, what the heck, this post is now about renewable resources too :3




    Actually, I think I kinda meant other resources to be tackled in this post but felt so strongly about the stump-pine cone resources thing that I kinda forgot... please refer to my signature below... it is not just for gags but actually happens from time to time :3 lol




    I definitely know that feeling.

    All we really need for a completely renewable world, though (well renewable enough, anyway) is tufts, saplings, and reeds. Everything else (that wasn't going to be slowly depleted in the base game anyway) is possible to regenerate from almost nothing, but with those two, there's no way to get 'em back once they're burned. Flowers and acorns would be nice too, but since they're pretty much impossible to completely get rid of, and you can regenerate them from almost nothing, they don't really need to me made "more renewable".


    That's my opinion, anyway.


  4. Testify!


    Another related... related story:


    I joined a server and found they had a decent base going on (but still had the whole tree issue) so I gathered all the lumber and pine cones I could get to replant. Good.


    I died (because of... drum roll... LAG!) and had previously planted a row of flowers somewhere in earshot of the beebox... I then, as a ghost proceed to turn them into Evil Flowers and ask them not to pick them because we can use them for nightmarefuel... understood... revived, survived... place 2 bees...


    log-off, log-on... boom... they used them for fuel... not nightmare fuel... it was winter and they didn't have any logs or whatever and they used... (facepalm) you guessed it...


    But I guess in their defense it isn't something you immediately learn... that's kind of like something you learn in the forums, and from those who got bored and experimented, or those who are gifted with horticultural prowess... es... es...


    (wrote it big so people wouldn't get the wrong idea... we were beginners too, so we had to learn this the hard way too...)






    (plus I don't want to be called an elitist or something...)


    True dat. Sometimes I just wish people wouldn't go around picking up every flower and burning every sapling and grass tuft they see, though.


    Whenever I play, I focus, almost to a fault, on making sure what I'm doing is renewable. I was like this even when I first started. I mean, I realize that homeless bees and planting butterflies isn't exactly common sense, but shouldn't it be common sense that bees can't make honey without flowers?


    I just wish there were a way to prevent griefers on dedicated servers without limiting the survival aspect. I like that my grass can catch fire if someone who is trying to do good does something stupid, but I don't want the power to ruin my day to be in the hands of every willow with a lighter and a hammer. There's no way to prevent it though. It's just sad.


    I wish there were some way to detect someone's intentions before they logged in, and kick them preemptively. Intentions are all I really care about. If someone wants to help, but screws up, that's okay, it's just the people that log in with the sole purpose of ruining someone else's day that I don't want joining.


    Bad players are fine. Bad people, however...

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  5. I've got a problem that's similar now.


    I've taken to playing on the dedicated servers, and I find that there are only a few flowers here and there. I managed to get 40 flowers going, but when I logged back on today, apparently people had picked every single flower and didn't replace any.


    Why do people always pick every single flower? Don't they know that the homeless bees I left there will repopulate them if you just leave six?


    All the grass and saplings I had left there are gone now too. A griefer probably burned them all for a quick laugh.


    I hate people.

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  6. When making meatballs, you should use 2 morsels (or small jerky), 1 monster meat (or monster meat), and one vegetable you can get that is an abundance (such as carrots or corn). When making Bacon and eggs, use a small jerky (or morsel), a monster jerky (or monster meat) and 2 eggs (raw or cooked). Making meaty stews should be when you need to use them for starving teammates or when you're starving, not when you're at 50 (below 25 is the best for me, but for Wolfgang players, it should be used when you need to fight, but it should be used as a last resort). Making the meaty stews means you should use 1 jerky (or meat), 1-2 morsels (or small jerkys) and 1 monster meat (or monster jerky). 



    two things real quick


    why would you ever make meatballs with that recipe when you can use 3 veggies and a morsel or monster meat?


    Also, when left in crockpots, things keep forever.

    Crockpots are cheap to make


    Therefore, make a dozen meaty stews and eat them once every two days, if you have the materials to do so. I mean why not?

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  7. Strategies for food rationing?


    Oh, forgot one of my best tips for this.


    Never eat anything that hasn't been cooked in a crockpot.



    Like, seriously, crockpots are the best. Even cooking four rabbits to make meatballs is better than just eating the morsels.


    This advice only applies until you really know what you're doing because some foods (certain mushrooms come to mind) are better on their own.

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  8. Honestly I find the best strategies involve as few pieces as possible.


    1. find beefalo, they'll be next to rabbits, trap the rabbits
    2. plant spider eggs close enough to fight in the winter, but far enough that they won't bother you much at night
    3. use crockpots

    A single crockpot is enough to survive the winter, as long as you keep checking those traps and run to the beefalo whenever there are hounds


    That's what I find is the easiest strategy for newer players.



    optional pieces are:

    • pigs
    • bees
    • farms
    • birdcage

    these things can be helpful, but really aren't necessary if all you want to do is survive winters. Seriously, all you need is monster meat, morsels, and a crockpot, a few friends can live on just that.


    I find that berry bushes are generally a waste of time and resources.



  9. That's what I call "not nicely moddable" :razz:


    So no, this was always possible with that method. But you can also override widgetsetup without replacing it, but that's still jankier than it should be. 



    yeeeah, midway through that post, I thought I had hit something that made it really nicely moddable, but then I realized I was still replacing it. Guess that's what I get for jumping the gun there.

  10. That'll only let you survive if you can defeat stuff with a grass suit and an axe and put Winter to never, because torches don't help out during Winter ;)


    There's ALWAYS gold in the graveyard, and there are ALWAYS rocks on the ground, so if you were to find an axe or four wood somewhere before day 20, you'd be able to survive like normal (albeit never being able to use a spear or razor, but still fairly normal)

  11. Done, you now have the exciting job of being a stunt double for movies, you now get payed two times less than before.

    I wish Christmas would last forever.

    well, at least it's more interesting.


    Every day has now become Christmas and the economy collapses because no one works due to the eternal holiday.


    I wish for MOAR WISHES


    And they'll all backfire on you too. More wishes in this game has to be the worst wish.


    I wish my phone would never run out of batteries

  12. "You wont starve if your mildly experienced?"           with all do respect, don't be a ****.   I am mildly experienced and I play with 5 other people 3 of which are mildly experienced and we starve in winter day 30 with default settings. Yes i know it is because we try to stick together in one base and do things in groups but that is how we have fun. Let me guess the only people you play with are all 1000 plus DS game hours and know every recipe by heart.... of course it is easy for you to survive winter. Especially since you don't care about staying together and achieving the goal as a group but more each person pull their own weight kind of mentality. Here in China we do things together. Yours is Lord of the Flies, mine is Eldorado  (if everyone in Eldorado was starving to death and running around like a crazy person dying to dogs and insanity)


    "The official settings are all defaults" so your telling me Klei is so lazy they only have one official setting for all levels of players and play styles?


    You see that is my point ... you have fun playing the game as an elite survivor who might belong to a group but mostly just when it benefits you, I have fun as a member of a body whose only goal is to thrive together. I am sure there are many different playing styles out there and that is the main issue. I think Klei should make many different official setting for difficulty and play style. And you mentioned lights out mode, Yea that is what I am talking about. It seems they started to get the idea to make different modes, difficulties, and hurdles but then just gave up and was like ... naw...   I just feel like if they expect the players to do all this work then the game will still be awesome but it should be free. We pay them not just for the graphics and such but also the institution of the game experience itself.


    I am sorry you died..... but I hope you learned your lesson..... Don't Starve   :razz:


    Excuse me? I haven't played with anyone with more than a hundred hours (friends hours for reference are {19, 13, 21, 38, 8.9, 3.9}) in the base game. Clearly you're doing something wrong, then, are you actually using crockpots?


    We do work and stay together, sometimes one of us will run off and grab something we need (mining stone, picking reeds, etc) but typically we hang out in or near the base chatting it up, fishing, and catching rabbits, because there's not much else to do when sitting around like that. We don't have "our own" resources, mostly because when we all play together, we don't need to.


    I'm the only person in my group with over a hundred hours (149 to be exact) in the base game, and yes, I probably would do better alone, but I enjoy trying to figure out what to do with all this extra meat before it spoils with friends so much more than I do alone. And sitting around the campfire telling stories through the night is so much better than staring at my map and looking through my crafting menus


    So maybe try thinking before you assume so much about a person you don't know?