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  1. Those are an incredibly creative piece of work. I especially like the biosphere map.


    I have a suggestion: spiderden doesn't seem to exist outside the spider-forest biome, which makes silk very difficult to obtain at the beginning. Can you add some spiderdens in other biomes too. (I'm reluctant to set spiders to "more")


    I couldn't find any clockwork setpiece either.


    You couldn't find any clockworks, because they were disabled on that map for testing and I never got around to re-enabling them. I'd be interested in hearing more suggestions about that map via pm, it's really not well balanced.

  2. So you can comment on here, but not in the PM where i need help? k


    Sorry about that, I didn't get the notification!

    But it just occurred to me what your issue might be! This is the DST page! The base game page is thataway!



    can you do a map with oceans removed or a giant land mass with no water breaks except for a surrounding ocean, basically a giant island


    I've tried this before, but didn't really get anywhere with it, the worldgen really likes to break off (like you see in a default map). I'll see if I can make more progress than I did last time though, I've learned a few new tricks.

  3. How would I go about doing that? I don;t own the game on steam, and all it says is to 'subscribe' to it.


    subscribing on steam is basically the same as installing it, you just subscribe and it'll show up in your mods


    It confused me at first too

  4. The furthest it goes for me is the lights out/ my custom presets. It said the mod was out of date and some issues could happen. Is that it?

    out of date? Do you have the most recent version? Are you sure that it's enabled?

  5. Hey I love the survival island idea. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a separate survival island preset with one wormhole that goes to a separate island that is full of all the cave biomes that haven't been implemented yet but above ground. Possibly might have to be made with Sarcen's extended map generation I guess, depending on how much work was needed for those to be workable in don't starve together. Then I could sort of kid myself that the wormhole is like a cave and I am underground :grin:



    I tried that in one of the earlier builds before I released it, but I really didn't like it, because without the sanity loss and constant night, getting those items is really easy. Also cave assets look really awkward above ground, though that may just be my opinion there.

  6. Is it possible to throw in hound mounds into the worldgen? Would really love a map where, the area you start off with has only enough to survive minimally and uncomfortably--however, the more you progress through the map, resources are tied to danger. I know you've got a similar one where different areas have themes, but I'm more suggesting a map for those who really want an ongoing challenge to meet the quota (but not one that's just barren all over that doesn't have that balance of combat).


    Not sure how big I could make a map like that and keep the theme of a minimalist world, maybe I could add one with hound mounds and a spider forest, change the pigs on the island to the pig guards, etc, so that you really have to combat what's on the island. I'd like to hear more about this thought, if you'd care to PM me



    Glad to hear that~ ^.^

    Also here are a few ideas for other map types:

    Checker Board - Makes Islands that form biomes in a Checkerboard style (as in 2 or more biomes repeating a square pattern).


    Donut - Makes a single, large island that circles around (kinda like Land Loop set to Always with Land Branch set to never), but the land reconnects at the 'ends' (forming a actual donut).


    Bit late on this comment, but Donut has been added!

  7. Hi, I don't know if this is doable (I'm not a mod creator) but maybe you can create a labyrinth map, where you have chests with different stuff (i.e backpack, helmet, log suit) and fireplaces like checkpoints. Monsters in certain key areas where you have a tree zone, a food zone, a science machine, alchemy machine, resurrection place etc. and you need to claim it in order to survive. You can also add caves, wormholes for variety. I don't have all the plan figured it out ( just an idea) . The goal is to find the portal of course and escape or just be labyrinth survivor.  


    If you want to make the player stay longer in the labyrinth add Obelisks, so they will get in areas only if they have low or high sanity (add mushrooms or sanity increasing items that will help them) :-)


    That sounds doable, though I haven't done much with the labyrinth code yet. I'll look into it tomorrow, and see what I can do.

  8. Have a suggestion. A wormhole-centric map. Portal spawns in the center of a small island with some paltry resources and nature stuff, and a series of wormholes that lead to different small islands with thematic resources.


    For example, one island could be full of nothing but pigs and pig guards, another could have lots of rocks and gold rocks, along with some tallbirds, another one a massive savannah full of grass, another one nothing but chess areas, so on so forth.


    Can you help me out here and explain how that differs from archipelago? Those are interesting islands to include in archipelago, however, and I'm definitely going to include a couple of those, but for example:

    • lots of rocks and gold rocks,
    • a massive savannah full of grass,
    • nothing but chess areas, so on so forth.

    I already have those three in Archipelago


    Definitely noting these to add these two things though, they're cool.

    • one island could be full of nothing but pigs and pig guards,

    already have an island with the pig king and some pigs, but the guards would be great, as you would have to "reclaim" the island

    • along with some tallbirds,

    I have the rocks, forgot the tallbirds