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  1. I thank all of you that gave me a chance an downloaded hazmat . but can any of u leave a little feedback would be appreciated.
  2. ya I want to update his art but don't have real means to do good art for him limited to what I can do with a laptop touchpad but I am searching for a kind artist to help me fix his art
  3. sorry if seem confused what do you mean aspect? an glade that you liked it
  4. also its my first mod ever so feed back would be nice to know where can do better seemed fun so I gave it a try. side note if u like my idea an would like to see him fully done or if u can do art an would like him to look well better im open to help an would be grateful. hazmatMaxSanity = 165 hazmatMaxHealth = 130 hazmatMaxHunger = 125 as a side effect of having a massive dose of radiation now glows an releases small amounts of radiation which damages near by things I have plans to add more to him once I fig out the rest of his build an I figure out how to do said thing , as a side effect of massive radiation he loses sanity at all times but because he has slightly adapted to this he has a high base sanity
  5. Version 1.3


    Hazmat was part of a bio-chem wep test gone bad . at the start of his test something went wrong an he found him self in a strange new place , alone , confused an at his surprise glowing.